Looking for the skills to bring you to the next level or do you want to show us how good you are? This course is also great for riders who have had a hiatus of riding a motorcycle and want to increase their skills.

It is designed for Cruisers, Adventure bikes, and even Sport bikes. If it has two wheels, bring it. The course will be setup to the motorcycles that take this course.

We’ve put together a training course so you can confidently navigate your motorcycle through tight situations with ease. We’ll focus on maneuvers like tight turns at slow speeds, rear end accident avoidance, higher speed slalom, emergency stopping from 50kmh+, and at the end we’ll put it all together in a course which will be fun and challenging. It will also be safe.

Our Advanced Rider Training Challenge is geared to all riders whom would like to make their motorcycle do what they want, when they want, no matter how big or heavy it is. It will be a fun but a challenging weekend for you and your motorcycle. Regardless of what you ride we will teach you to ride it better.

Learning on your motorcycle is the best way to get comfortable with the skills we teach you. You do run a greater risk of dropping your motorcycle but you will reduce your risk of dropping your motorcycle on the street where the danger is much higher. All Advanced Rider Training carries some risk but it will help you immensely to become a better rider.

Course Schedule

1401 Lucille Starr Way, Coquitlam, BC

Saturday – 9am to 2pm – Training Lot
Sunday – 9am to 2pm – Training Lot

You will need to complete a Waiver for yourself and your motorcycle. Your motorcycle must be in good working order. Motorcycle license required.

Do you have to use your motorcycle? No, we can rent you a CBR250 for the course. $200. Limited availability.



Course Details

Ride U-turns in both directions with lots of space available but trying to use the least amount possible. This will give some idea as to who has the balance and confidence necessary to “push ahead” with the practice, and who needs to do some intermediate work first. We want to establish where everyones skills are so we can split them into the necessary groups.

We’ll then focus on your head and body for slow speed riding and turning. The cones course will get dramatically more interesting and challenging. Next up will be the use of the leaning the bike and role throttle plays in straightening your motorcycle. As you progress, we’ll highlight how different your front and rear tire pathway is and why your lead in is so important for the rear tire placement.

On the second day. Everything comes together and we will teach you LOOK, LOCK, LEAN and why you should trust your motorcycle to do this. It is far more capable than you think.

Aggressive braking will be practiced. What exactly is the order of the rear and front brake? It varies but you will learn it for your motorcycle. The aim here is to reduce your average stopping distance.

Counter Steering. We all know what it is but do we truly know it? A higher speed setup will be in place so you can see just what is possible with just counter steering.

The full cone course will be setup and you will ride it until your can complete it without knocking down a cone. If you knock some cones down, we’ll pick them up. We have you covered.