Book Your ICBC Road Test

We have limited road test bookings with ICBC Richmond and ICBC Port Coquitlam on THURDAYS only.

In order to qualify;
You must have taken the FULL learn to ride course with 1st Gear
You have ridden at least 10 hours or at least 100kms (even this doesn’t mean you’ll pass)
You have read our road test notes and watched our videos (
You will show up to your appointment at least 15min early
You must take the test even if it is raining
If you want to cancel you must give us a weeks notice MINIMUM 

The ICBC Road Test is booked directly through us so that means ICBC doesn’t know about your reservation until the day of. Do not call them to confirm the appointment. They will no know about it. 

To book your road test spot please contact us 778 714 4327 or