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1st Gear HELLA RIDER Women’s
Motorcycle Course

For her, by her

Your Instructor Carol!
Carol has been riding since 1995. Growing up, Carol always knew she would ride a motorcycle one day… For her full bio click here!

It is a mandatory requirement to have a motorcycle learners license.


– I did a couple of private sessions with Carol. Through her relaxed, unpretentious techniques and keen understanding of riding safe – I easily passed my exam. Carol was calm, taught me some great mechanisms for ensuring I’m doing exactly what the examiner needed to see but also helped me focus on the most important long-term goal of riding: safety. She’s an incredible listener and a really amazing teacher. She has a clear passion for riding and truly wishes to see her students make the most out of their experience. She’s extremely approachable and easy to talk to and address concerns with. I highly, highly recommend her. You are the best, I wish you SO much success with your new school!
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– I took private lessons with Carol after crashing out of a top riding school during parking lot training. I needed to learn to ride at my own pace and also had to overcome fears stemming from my struggles at the other school. Carol was patient and adapted her teaching to my specific needs. I am a slow learner and before finding Carol, I wasn’t sure I would be able to conquer my fears and overcome my early struggles with slow speed manoeuvres. However, with Carol’s patient teaching and support, I learned to ride! She is super positive, is passionate about riding, understands that everyone learns differently, and adapts her teaching accordingly. ~Wanda S○

– Learning a new skill takes time, so it goes without saying that learning how to ride (safely) would be no different. The learning itself can be such a huge learning curve – especially if you’ve had no prior motorcycle riding experience whatsoever; and I can honestly say that if it weren’t for Carol’s help, I probably would have given up. Carol is one of the instructors of Hella Rider Moto School, and she’s lovely. I probably wouldn’t have passed my road test if not for all her patience and help. Not everyone learns the same way; and so the same can be said that not everyone teaches the same way either. Thus, not all instructors are a right fit for their students. Having the right instructor can make a world of difference. Personalities vary greatly, and with having Carol as an instructor through Hella Rider Moto School, I have no doubts that they’d be able to put novice riders at ease and better understand each of their individual strengths and weaknesses. This extends to explaining things in a way that would be easy to understand and act on. I’m considered a petite rider (under 5’4”), and I had previously struggled with balance and control when riding – it became extremely unnerving. Good instructors and training schools would be sensitive to these things to ensure that smaller riders are able to learn on an appropriately sized motorcycle. Before Carol, another instructor had misunderstood my needs. I started out training on a Honda Grom, which is rather small as far as engine size and build goes; however, with the way my body and legs are proportioned, it still sat too high for me, and it began to impact my ability to learn because my focus then shifted to solely on balance and control as I was not ever fully comfortable riding the Honda Grom. Unfortunately, no other alternatives or options were offered to me at the time; as the Honda Grom was the smallest bike available. Carol suggested I try a Honda Rebel– although the engine size was significantly larger, the way the motorcycle itself fit for reach (I was able to finally reach the ground with my feet!)became a game changer. She even went to the effort of supporting and defending my bike choice after my initial instructor had expressed doubts that I’d be able to “handle” the Honda Rebel. This instructor happened to be male, and seemed to be more fixated on engine size than the physical fit of the bike for me. Even in modern times and with our society that fully encourages gender quality, most motorcyclists on the road are men. That’s not to say women cannot ride a motorcycle – the reality is that to this day, it remains a largely male-dominated choice of transport; which also would be reflected within the industry of motorcycle instructors. I have had the experience of male and female instructors, and learning to ride a motorcycle and getting a license can be made easier if you choose a supportive and encouraging instructor or group to teach you to ride. I found that with a female instructor, it was easier to identify with their approach to teaching. Carol was very welcoming, patient, highly knowledgeable, and friendly. Over my journey to learn to ride from complete beginner to gaining my full licence, Carol had accompanied me through it all, and I cannot praise her enough. She was extremely informative and very calm at all times. She gave me the confidence to go through all the stages of the tests. I have come to find that, unfortunately, new women motorcycle riders tend to be very self-conscious and self-deprecating; and I was no exception to this trend. There is nothing more encouraging and inspiring than watching another woman pick up a 364 lbs. bike and then turning to you to say, “YOU can do this.” In my view, with her leading Hella Rider Moto School, I have no doubts that this would be a first-class organisation that I would be happy to recommend to others. ~Sara T

– I walked into the motorcycle skills classroom and instantly felt like Caro l was there to help us understand and learn the information because she genuinely cared and wanted us to succeed. I felt like I absorbed so much more of the information because she made it feel like we were just a bunch of friends talking without the pressures of a classroom. Very informative and explained things so well, didn’t feel at all like this was routine for her and she was just going through the checkpoints. The next day was riding classes. I was scared but excited to get on a bike and learn the skills needed to be a badass biker. Carol was also one of the instructors in this portion and I felt confident she was there to teach and ensure I was understanding the fundamentals to succeed. I thought she explained the different lessons very clearly and was always hands on during every step. She didn’t yell or make anyone feel inferior, just really positive reinforcement and attentive to make sure that everyone was under standing the skill. Overall I had a great time in this course and went on to pass my skills assessment with confidence. ~Erika J

– Having never ridden a motorcycle, I knew absolutely nothing about it and all it entails. I was nervous, insecure and a tad petrified. Carol kindly and patiently walked me through the processes, ranging from the bare basics, such as how to shift gears, the nuances of how to sit and move on a bike, as well as the complexities of safety on the road. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciated her support and encouragement (and her sense of humour) which no doubt contributed to my successful ICBC road test. She’s a fantastic teacher!~Susan S