Maintenance, Mechanics, Winterization of your Motorcycle


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1230pm to 330pm @ 1st Gear Motorcycles 4-2551 Vauxhall Pl. Richmond

Motorcycle maintenance is easy to do and you’ll get a great benefit from it. It’s expensive to bring your motorcycle to your mechanic for every little thing. If you learn the basics you’ll be more comfortable with your motorcycle, save money, and avoid surprise breakdowns.

Bring your own motorcycle! Not required but it can be part of the instruction.

Our very own Adam Grainger will be your instructor. You’ll learn the following about motorcycles;

Toolkit Review. What are all these tools doing in my motorcycle?
Motorcycle Chain & Lube. Taking care of this will save you a lot of money.
Tire Pressure. A very common oversight is incorrect tire PSI.
Checking/Changing a Fuse. One of the simplest fixes could be a fuse replacement.
Air Filter. How to keep it clean.
Tire Wear. When is it time to replace a tire.
Coolant. It’s job and what to do about it.
Chain adjustment. How to recognize it needs an adjustment and how to do it.
Oil Change. How often, how difficult is it?
Headlight Aiming. Avoid blinding oncoming traffic while properly lighting up the road in front of you.
Clutch Cable. Too much slack and your clutch won’t work. Too little and you’ll wreck your clutch.
Idle Adjuster. Overtime a simple adjust might need to be made.
Winterization. The minimum required to store your bike for 3-6 months.



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