Rider Plus &
Road Test

This start to finish option is for those who want as much guidance as possible. In addition to the Classroom and Training Lot.

Three road rides lasting three hours each. We run road rides 2-4 times a week. You schedule them in when you have the time. Extra road rides are $40.

A private lesson for the road test. We will run a mock road test and coach you through your mistakes. Last 45 to 60min. In order for us to give you a motorcycle for the road test you must pass the mock road test first.

For the full details of the Final Road Test, click here. We will book your road test for you at the Richmond location on a Thursday starting in May. ICBC does not give us enough road test dates and times so you are better off booking your test on your own. We cannot guaranteed you’ll pass your road test, this is entirely up to you.

The motorcycle for your road test will be either a Honda Rebel, Honda CRF250, Honda CB300F, or a Honda CBR250. These are all eligible for Class 6 license with no restrictions.

We also highly recommend you buy your motorcycle before the final road test. The unrestricted learners license you have after passing the MSA test allows you to ride around on your own, just not at night.



If you have any questions please call us at 778 714 4327 or email us at 1stgearmotorcycleschool@gmail.com

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