ROADCRAFT ACADEMY – Advanced Rider Training

Can you make your motorcycle do whatever you want, whenever you want? No matter how big or heavy it is?

Riding skill is much more than just getting from point A to B. Does your bike feel almost weightless the moment it starts to move? Do you find it easy to maneuver at slow speeds? What about maneuvering or turning around in a limited space, are you confident? Or when carrying a passenger or fully loaded with luggage? Most importantly, are you ready to deal with the unexpected? Such as avoiding sudden debris on the road, entering a curve too fast, or making a sudden swerve or split-second maximum braking application to avoid a crisis? Are you sure you can ride it out of a bad situation? The fact is, most riders cannot control their motorcycles with the level of skill required to perform these critical tasks.

Just one weekend of RoadCraft training can change all of that. At RoadCraft’s huge 4+ acre closed-course practice range, learn to understand and respond to the feedback from your motorcycle. Use the controls in the optimal way to make riding effortless. Understand the capabilities and limitations of your motorcycle. Slow speed control, tight turns, assertive counter-steering & emergency collision avoidance techniques are all covered. We see riders on all bikes, from touring, cruiser and adventure bikes to sport touring and sport bikes. You’ll grin from ear to ear when you learn what you are capable of doing on your motorcycle.

RoadCraft courses feature innovative training techniques based upon over 50 years of professional motorcycle and traffic safety training experience at all levels by the organization’s founders. Regardless of your current level or riding proficiency, our leading edge training programs can increase your confidence and make you a safer, more skilled rider.

Control Skills Upgrade18 hours – one evening session and two weekend days.


Refresher4 hours one weekend day

*PRE-SEASON DISCOUNT* $ 199.00 + GST (motorcycle included if needed)

*Call us about our special group registration rates, or to arrange a course just for you and your riding club.

If you’d like more information about our programs that you can’t find here, or if you’d like to register offline, email us at: or call us at 778 714 4327