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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book my motorcycle course before I get my motorcycle license?

No. We can’t train you without it. If you fail your motorcycle license test we probably can’t replace your spot. So that means you’ll take up two spots. Please only register when you have your motorcycle learners license.

Can I take a shorter course? Just the MST test? I already know how to ride. I do not need the full course.

No. ICBC requires 18 hours of training before we can test you. We must prove to ICBC that you have taken our full learn to ride course. Consider taking our MST prep course. 

My license expired! Can I retake the MSA/MST test?

Yes. As long as you took the full learn to ride course with us. We can retest you. Sign up here;

Is there space available? How about a wait list?

Check each location and choose a date. If you see the date, you can register for it. Don’t see the date you want? Class is full. For any last minute signups, please call. 778 714 4327

Can I take the course on Sundays only? Custom schedule? 

No. This would mean taking up a space in two courses. Your best option is private lessons.

What happens if it rains?

We run the course in all weather conditions except snow. Can’t ride motorcycles on snow and ice.

I am getting an internal service error/cache problem when registering. What now?

Flush your internet cache. If that does not work. Send us and email or give us a call.

Should I get the dedicated rider or safety rider?

If you already own a motorcycle. Safety Rider.

If you do not want to buy a motorcycle right away. Dedicated Rider.

Am I too small or too big to ride motorcycles?

We have trained riders who are less than five feet tall (150cm) and we have trained riders who are seven feet tall (200cm). We have all types of bikes to fit all types of sizes. However, if you are shorter. You should be able to ride a bicycle really well. This helps a lot.