Course Details on Group Classes

Requirements: Class 6L/LDL/8L license (yellow paper), shoes/boots that cover your ankles, and a willingness to learn.

If you need help passing the ICBC knowledge test try using this app; BC Motorcycle Test
General questions on the road rules of BC. Not motorcycle related but will help you with Traffic Law.

7-8 Hours in the Classroom (ICBC required)
11-12 Hours on the Training Lot (ICBC required)
MSA test on site

Road Ride(s) 3 hours each. Included, optional and highly recommended.

The classroom covers a variety of topics. The course fundamentals are common sense, safety, and the essential need to know information. We understand that classrooms can be challenging environments to stay focused so we’ll break often, play some games, and keep the classroom involvement high. We will cover the following:
-The friendly motorcycling community
-ICBC licensing and requirements
-The risk associated with driving a car versus riding a motorcycle
-Motorcycle Statistics and how to beat them
-Hazards of riding & risk perception
-Our brains and why they might work against us while we ride
-Factors you can control versus factors you cannot
-Motorcycle Gear and why it is amazing
-Breakdown of motorcycle controls
-Downshifting and Braking
-Cornering & Counter Steering. Look where you want to go!
-Insuring your motorcycle and yourself. The positive and potential negatives of insurance
-Lane positioning and spacing
-Intersections, your best strategies
-Riding in the Rain and Wind
-The Road Test
-The numbers behind owning a motorcycle and how to do it efficiently
-Basic Motorcycle Maintenance. Where to go and what to do.

The Parking Lot is where we will introduce you to your first motorcycles. You’ll get an assortment of motorcycles to choose from. Part of the fun will be seeing which type of motorcycle you like the best. We’ll then teach you the basic skills to ride safely on the open roads. We’ll also teach and explain emergency maneuvers to keep you safe. You never know what the world will throw at you. We will cover the following:
-Riding Posture
-The Clutch and it’s friction zone
-Slow Speed Riding
-Shifting to 2nd and 3rd Gear
-Downshifting & Braking
-Countersteering & higher speeds
-Emergency stops
-Emergency stops in a corner
-Slow speed figure 8s and the MSA test
-Lots of practice time

Road rides will be where you apply everything you learned. We’ll take you out on the streets and slowly introduce you to the rural roads, city roads, and highways. The first part of the ride we will take it easy on quiet roads and stay together as a group. We will then check on everyone and take you through busier roads and high speeds (60kph-80kph). Then if everything is going well we will venture out onto the highway and come home. There will be break in between at a local coffee shop that works for our fresh and new motorcycle gang.

Every Great Ride Starts in 1st Gear!