Are you interested in learning to ride? Here is how group lessons works at 1st Gear Motorcycle Training.

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1. You need a learners motorcycle license from ICBC (Class LDL or 8L).

2. Then you can register for a motorcycle course.

3. Our learn to ride motorcycle course is Online training, In person classroom session, two days of motorcycle training, MST test, then on road motorcycle training with ICBC Road Test support.

4. You’ll bring your own helmet (motorcycle rated) and gloves (any kind). Helmet can be provided if necessary. We can provide motorcycle jackets. Please wear jeans and shoes (any kind) that cover your ankles.

5. We provide the motorcycles and lots of different kinds for you to learn and try.

6. Class size will vary from 3 to 15 students per class. We will always have one instructor per five students. Our busiest classes happen on weekends in May and June.

7. You get two chances to pass the MST test, if you still fail, come back next week (free of charge) for more practice and another two chances to pass. Our first time pass rate for the MST test is 96%.

8. Once you have passed you are eligible for our road rides. This is included.
Level 1 – More training lot with some road riding.
Level 2 – Road riding with highways.
Level 3 – Road Test Prep.

9. When you are ready we will book your a ICBC motorcycle road test on our motorcycle or you can use yours if you have it already.



More details on group motorcycle lessons

You will need to get your motorcycle learners license (Class 6 or 8L). It is a 40 question multiple choice test and you need to get 32 questions right to pass. Call ICBC at 604 520 8222 to book your motorcycle knowledge test appointment. To study for the material you can download the guide here;

Once you have your learners license, you are now able to register and be trained to ride a motorcycle. We run classes every weekend and weekdays. We have three locations, Richmond, Coquitlam, and Langley. Each class consists of classroom, training lot, MST test, road rides, and final road test support. Classroom time consists of seven hours. Training Lot time consists of eleven hours. These are ICBC mandated hours. Road Rides are two hours long and you have three options to suit your needs. We provide the motorcycles of all types so you can ride them all to see what you like. You will have to provide your own motorcycle helmet (DOT/SNELL/ECE rated). We can provide you with an armored motorcycle jacket and rain gear (if necessary). You must have all skin covered when you ride. Especially your ankles and wrists. Our classroom sizes are 5-15 students. On average they’re about 10 students. Weekends are our busiest courses.

The MST/MSA test is done at the end of your motorcycle course but before your road rides. You will get lots of practice time and two attempts to pass. This is why we have such a high passing rate. If you do not pass, you can try again next week for free. We will stay with you until you pass. Once the test is passed we will issue you paperwork and you need to bring that to ICBC. You will have your riding restrictions lifted and you can ride a motorcycle on your own, at any speeds. You cannot ride after sunset and cannot take passengers. Taking the final road test will lift those restrictions. Here are the details on the MST/MSA test.

Most students who take this course, buy their own motorcycle soon after take the course. This is how ICBC planned the licensing system. They want you to ride a motorcycle a lot before taking the final test. While it is better to have your own motorcycle, you can use ours too. The Final Road Test takes an hour in which 30-40min of it is riding. They follow you while you ride and give you instructions. Here are all the details on the road test and the notes on how to pass it.

We have two kinds of courses. The Learn to Ride course which is what most people take. We have Safety Rider Course and Dedicated Rider Course which is for people wanting extra instruction, save time, extra road rides, and full road test support. To see our schedule and courses, click here;

If you have questions about our course please call us at 778 714 4327 or email us here;