Do you think you’re ready to do your final road test with ICBC? Make sure you meet these requirements.

  1. You’ve memorized our road test notes and watched some of the videos.
  2. You have ridden your motorcycle regularly and you can smoothly ride at slow speed and higher speeds.
    3. All lights (highbeam, signals, tail light) and the horn in working condition.

Option 1 – Book through ICBC

Book directly with ICBC here via their online portal.

Option 2 – Book through 1st Gear

We have no more space left for 2020. We will next year.

We have LIMITED spaces for Richmond ICBC and Port Coquitlam ICBC. We can book your road test for you providing you meet these requirements. Please read through and reply to us with information we need. If you reply without the information asked of you below, we will NOT respond to your email.

1. We will only book you ONE road test space. We do not have enough for everyone. If you miss or fail this one, you will have to book directly with ICBC. We will not rebook you.
2. You’ve been riding more than just the motorcycle course. You have ridden your motorcycle more than 10-20 hours. 500kms+ recommended.
3. You’ll show up at least 15min prior your road test. Plan ahead for traffic.
4. You’re ok riding in the rain and you’ll show up even if it is raining.
5. You’ve memorized the road test notes and watched some of the videos.
6. You won’t call ICBC asking about your road test. They won’t know. We send them your info on the day of your test.
7. What location would you like to take the road test. Port Coquitlam (NO SPACES AVAILABLE) or Richmond (NO SPACES AVAILABLE). Morning or Afternoon? Thursdays only. it is the only day of the week they gave us.
8. Scan or take a picture of your yellow paper. NOT you plastic drivers license. Attach to the email you send us.
9. Practice Road Tests can be booked with John for $80. Send him a text message, no calls please. John 604 649 7775
10. If you need to rent a motorcycle please let us know right away and what kind you would like. Cost is $100 and you can pick it up before your road test. We do not rent the motorcycle for longer periods of time.
11. You DO NOT have a Road Test booked with ICBC already. If so CANCEL it.
12. State that you agree to these conditions in your email to us.

Please email your response to
Remember, if you do not read and respond to the questions above we will not respond.

We have no more space left for 2020. We will next year.