Booking a ICBC Road Test through 1st Gear

Road Tests are full for 2021

We are hoping to have spots starting in March 2022 next year 

Have you memorized our road test notes and watched some of the videos?

You have ridden your motorcycle regularly and you can smoothly ride at slow speed and higher speeds. Even in the rain?

All lights (highbeam, signals, tail light) and the horn in working condition. Loud exhaust is OK but keep it as quiet as you can on the test.

You will not call ICBC about this road test booking. ICBC expects us to track them and submit them a few days before the test. They won’t know you’re booked.

You always have the option of booking with ICBC directly. Best time to check online is between 12am and 6am when their system refreshes. Call them during the day.