Terms & Conditions (Company Policy)

Here is the main points you need to know

-You MUST have your Class 6L/8L License (yellow paper) from ICBC before you attend our course. Please do not signup for a course until you have your Class 6L/8L license in hand.
-If your course starts more than 10 days away. No fees to change dates or you can be given a refund.
-If your course starts within 10 days. $50 to change course dates but no refunds.
-If your course starts within 3 days. No refunds. No changes. This was your spot. For example, you failed your license test just before the course started. Now we cannot train you. Please ensure you have your motorcycle learners license before signing up and paying.
-Paid course time expires on April 15th of the next year. Paid course time does not last forever. If your circumstances prevented you from completing the course, please talk to us and we can work something out.
-Unused course time cannot be refunded or transferred to private lessons. The cost to run private lessons is much higher. We can convert towards an advanced course at a future date.
-There are no partial refunds for unused course time. Please contact us for options.
-If you miss more than 30 minutes of the course, we will not be able to test you and you will have to make up the time.
-We cannot guarantee you’ll pass.
-If you cannot pass the MSA/MST test on the first try you are welcome to keep trying until you do. Free of charge. However we may require you to ride a bicycle for a few hours first.
-ICBC reserves the right to retest students.
-You must have a motorcycle helmet FULL FACE (DOT/SNELL/ECE rated). Half helmets or 3/4s helmets are not permitted. If you need a full face helmet, please ask.
-You must provide your own gloves of any kind. They must be thicker gloves with at least 3mm of thickness.
We can provide an armored jacket and rain gear. When at the training lot please ask for one.
You are to have all exposed skin covered while your ride our motorcycles. Please wear jeans (something with tougher fabric) and ankle covering shoes of any kind.
-If you damage our motorcycles outside the realm of our curriculum, you are responsible for the damages.
-If you are not feeling well you will not come to class. If you suddenly do not feel well in class, please let us know. Please be respectful of your health and others. We will reschedule you and have you finish the course at a later date.
-Your safety, other students safety, and our safety is the PRIORITY.

All students must sign a Release of Liability waivers before the course starts. If you are under the age of 19, a parent or legal guardian must sign on your behalf.

You must have obtained a valid Class 6 or 8 Learner’s Permit from ICBC before any training will commence with 1st Gear Motorcycle School. If you do not have a CLASS 6 or 8 LEARNERS you cannot attend the course.

We can test you for the MST test during the course but you may not be able to hand in the paperwork until your license allows you.

You must have a valid Class 6 or 8 Learner’s Permit 30 days prior to your final ICBC road test.


All course fees must be paid before the course starts.

Please disclose any medical/physical issues or impairments that could make learning to ride difficult.

Your course fee comes with the promise that we will get you through the MSA/MST Test. If you fail you can come back and retest as many times as it takes. If we feel you have a lot of practice needed we will ask you to ride a bicycle regularly. This helps immensely.

If you cannot pass the MSA/MST (Parking Lot Test) or continue to fail and/or the instructor feels that you are unsafe for the road, you will not be able to attend the road rides. We will work with you in future classes to get your MSA.

If you let your license expire and you need to take your MSA test again. It costs $50. Motorcycle provided.

FINAL ROAD TEST – The Class-6 final road test will be assessed by ICBC and it costs $50. No motorcycle school can administer the final road test.

Our motorcycles are learning tools and instruments. They are NOT to be used for anything outside the skills being taught or asked of you. If you decide to attempt a skill without our consent. ALL damage is your responsibility.

Please be aware that if during the road riding portion of your course, you damage your motorcycle beyond superficial damage, you are responsible for the cost of replacing the parts you damaged as well as the labour. Parts include but are not limited to: headlights, fenders, shift levers, handle bars, pegs and mirrors.

Please have a basic understanding of the English language. We do out best to work with language barriers but missing important instructions can cause injuries.

Any ABUSE or NEGLECT on 1st Gear’s motorcycles that could, or does cause any type of harm and/or accident will result in immediate termination of your course without refund. You will be responsible for any damage resulting from the incident.

Safety Equipment Requirements

D.O.T. approved motorcycle helmet
Gloves (You provide)
Leather, denim (jean), or Textile full length pants (You provide)
Footwear made of sturdy material, high enough to cover your ankle. (You provide)
Leather, denim (jean), or Textile jacket (We provide)
Reflective safety vest (We provide)

Please note:

1st Gear Motorcycle School cannot guarantee anyone person’s ability to pass the MSA, the final road test, or to safely operate a motorcycle. 1st Gear’s mission is to teach new riders safe, survival riding skills, in a diligent and professional manner. The instructors have the responsibility of constantly evaluating each student throughout the program to ensure their safety and the safety of others. If an instructor feels that a student does not possess the skills to safely operate a motorcycle and they could hurt themselves or others, the instructor reserves the right to stop training immediately. We will work with the student on a plan to finish the course.