Learners motorcycle license from ICBC required for all courses

Weekend Class

Our most popular class. Get your unrestricted motorcycle license is shortest amount of time while keeping your weekend evenings free.

Thursday 645pm-1030pm
Saturday 900am-445pm
Sunday 900am-445pm

Weekend Class Dates & Times

Daytime Classes

Daytime classes for ones with flexible schedules

Tuesday 1030am to 500pm
Wednesday 1030am to 500pm
Thursday 1030am to 500pm

Daytime Classes Dates and Times

Evening Class

Work all day, ride in the evening. Keeps the weekend free!

Starts in April and ends in August.

Thursday 645pm-1030pm
Saturday 900am to 100pm
Monday 600pm to 1015pm
Tuesday 600pm to 1015pm
Wednesday 600pm to 900pm

Evening Classes Dates & Times

We are a conveniently located motorcycle school serving Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, Delta, and New Westminster.

You will experience an extensive, hands-on motorcycle training course. Our training curriculum has been in use for over 15 years. It has also evolved over the years to accommodate recent technology and techniques.

Your experience will be just like those of our past students. See what they have written about us on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

We are licensed and registered with ICBC  

Our training facility and instructors are certified by ICBC. Since we are recognized by ICBC we are qualified to test you for your Motorcycle Skills Assessment. It is also referred to as the MSA, MST, and Parking lot test.

Our classes offer a combination of classroom, practical training, and real world training. This will be your foundation to get out on the road. We want nothing more than see you experience the fun and excitement of riding motorcycles.

We make it easy for you to learn. We offer an engaged and animated classroom environment. You’ll be able to ride five different types of motorcycles. A Sportbike, Dual Sport, Cruiser, Standard, and Mini. Find out what type of motorcycle feels right for you. You’ll be surprised!

We also provide the helmets, gloves, jackets and rain gear for your safety.

Our enthusiasm and love for motorcycle riding will shine through. We will teach you the techniques for navigating and dominating the road on a motorcycle. Safety is our number one priority. These skills will take you a long way in your local and long distance rides. Don’t put off learning to ride anymore. Now is the time!

You must have a Motorcycle Learners License to attend our course. For all requirements & details on our classes click here 

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Students per instructor in group classes

Hours of training you will receive

Different styles of motorcycles for you to ride


Passing Rate


課程中包括MSA, 並送贈價值$25.00的Pacific Motosport 機車用品禮券,

欲了解更多詳情請聯絡 Otto – 604-710 0852 或電郵otto@1stgear.ca

Our group classes are run every week and consist of 7-8 hours of classroom theory, 10-11 hours in our training lot, and three road rides lasting 3 hours. The total amount of training is 27 hours over 6-8 days. Motorcycle, helmets, jackets, and gloves provided.

The classroom theory covers a variety of topics. The course fundamentals are common sense, safety, and the essential need to know information. We understand that classrooms can be challenging environments to stay focused so we’ll break often, play some games, and keep the classroom involvement high.

The Training Lot is where we will introduce you to your first motorcycles. You’ll get an assortment of motorcycles to choose from. Part of the fun will be seeing which type of motorcycle you like the best. We’ll then teach you the basic skills to ride safely on the open roads. We’ll also teach and explain emergency maneuvers to keep you safe. You never know what the world will throw at you.

The road rides will be where you apply everything you learned. While they are optional, they are highly recommended. We’ll take you out on the streets and slowly introduce you to the rural roads, city roads, and highways. We’ll start out on quiet roads, then up to busier roads, and then the highway. We stay as a group so no one gets left behind. Safety in numbers! There will be a break in between at a local coffee shop or any other place that works for our motorcycle gang.

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For simple & easy course registration call 778-714-GEAR (4327)

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Our latest reviews and testimonials…

Highly recommend. You’re gonna learn how to ride in a friendly environment, with excellent instructors who have many years of riding experience and are very patient to explain the right riding skills. During the course you have the opportunity to try different motorbikes and choose the one that best fit your personality. 
-Juliana Magalhães via Facebook on October 2nd 2017

Excellent course. Instructors have engaging personalities and are extremely passionate on everything motorcycles. Great, detailed instruction and advice on how to ride your best, and how to read and react to your surroundings on the road. They eliminate bad habits before they even develop, and I there is no doubt I am a smarter, safer rider than I would have been had I not taken the course. Huge value! Cannot recommend enough. If you are here and reading this review then you are interested and you should just sign up and do it. It’s money well spent.
-Aaron Champlin via Facebook on September 25th 2017

I had no clue where I should go for classes and probably spent far more time than the average person reading reviews on all the different lower mainland schools and finally landed on 1st Gear (they truly have earned all of their 5* ratings which at 200+ reviews is crazy but well deserved) and it was a great experience that was worth every penny. Lee and Mel were awesome and provide great instruction/feedback for everything. Even if the instruction or feedback doesn’t quite make sense to you (I’m an over-thinker at times), just listen to them and in practice it’ll click and make sense, they really know what they’re talking about and you just have to trust them. Whether you have a little bit or experience or no experience I can’t recommend these guys enough. It really comes down to a couple of great instructors that were very knowledgeable, respectful, genuine, and caring! They even have a great sense of humour which goes a long ways to keep you relaxed and keep the atmosphere a bit lighter! You can tell that by the end of it all they really want is for you to be confident and safe to get out there yourselves and never stop learning! I haven’t done the road rides yet, but I can’t wait because you know they’ve got your back all the way!
-Dillon Routien via Google on September 12th 2017

I am so thankful I took this course. They did their best to curb any bad habits from the very beginning, taught you methods to be a safer rider that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own, and gave you a great sense of community. They are also happy to offer their support and advice on your path to becoming a rider. I’ve gone on rides with friends who did not take a course and I noticed what a difference the course made in making me a safer and better rider. Highly HIGHLY recommend it.
-Inka Yuen via Google on September 8th 2017

Unlike other schools that pack their in class training within the first day, 1st Gear spreads their classroom training out over the 3 day period and has you on a bike within the first 3 hours. The instructors also set their expectations extremely high, so passing the MSA test is a breeze. Also, if there are things you feel you need more help with, they are always open to questions. Lastly, once the course is done, the instructors are always happy to keep in touch and help with finding a bike for you, helping you sell your bike, etc. I would highly recommend this school.
-Amit Bhagat via Google on August 16th 2017

Seriously good times with this course, staff is full of passionate and dedicated people who are very welcoming and great teachers. Would highly recommend this course to anyone.
The bike fleet is also pretty good, with an array of different styles and a good number of bikes it was a lot of fun getting to try out a little bit of everything.
Road rides are also definitely a good thing as well!
-Cody EdwardJames  via Facebook on August 2nd 2017

The three days that I spent with these guys here at 1st gear were super awesome! All the staff here are the friendliest people you can find at a motorcycle training program. At first I was a little hesitant about spending such a big chunk on money on this, but now after I have taken and passed the course, I am so glad that I made this choice! I got to meet so many new riders, so many friendly and helpful instructors and also got to experience different types of motorcycles! 10/10 would totally recommend this program to anyone that wants to learn or is interested in riding motorcycles! PS. RAYMOND from 1st Gear, if you are reading this, you know you still owe me a wheelie =)
-Danny Chen via Google on July 24th 2017

BIg thanks to Bruce and Lee! extremely helpful and friendly staff. Bruce, you’re such a great addition to 1st gear…you made us calm when we get too stiff on our bike…which helped us concentrate so much more and really remember all the steps without feeling any pressure. It made us a smooth rider and more alert with the surroundings without panic. Ive ridden before but i cant believe how much i learned from Lee and Bruce. if you’re gonna take a course…make sure its with Lee and Bruce!
-Elly G via Google on July 12th 2017

Awesome course taught by passionate professionals with vast experiences. Kept the classroom portion interactive & engaging with strong emphasis on being responsible and safe riders.
Lee, Mel, &, Raymond challenged us with variety of different courses and made learning these essential skills a second nature and fun while providing constant constructive feed backs.
Kudos to all the instructors and made our course a blast! Look forward for further trainings with 1st Gear.
-Frank Lu via Facebook on July 5th 2017

1st Gear Motorcycle School offer something else when it comes to learning how to ride a motorcycle. Both Lionel and Lee the owners are highly skilled and professional instructors that will help you go over the “boring” classroom materials in a fun and educational way. On the parking lot Melanie and Raymond, will answer every question no matter how stupid it is and will teach and show you the proper way to ride a motorcycle. I just wish he had more one on one time with the instructors to go over our feedbacks, Over all I had an amazing experience and now I feel confident to ride my bike on the streets ( even in Richmond) Just a pro tip before you start your parking lot training, invest in a good sun screen to avoid unnecessary sun burns. 🙂
-Oleg Peleshok via Google Jun 28th 2017

Learning to ride with 1st Gear was such an awesome experience. Coming in with zero knowledge or prior experience with motorcycles was daunting and all the instructors were so supportive and helpful. They make the classroom portion of the course interesting and engaging and then get you right out onto the bikes as quickly as possible. The combination of different instructors and a really wide variety of bikes meant you could find your sweet spot and get the most out of your time. I cannot recommend 1st Gear highly enough. They also have a great “Catch & Release” buy back program for used bikes, if you don’t already have one. And although I haven’t joined one yet, I’m super excited to join for some of the road rides they do each week.
-Andrea Turner via Facebook on June 26th 2017

This is the best motorcycle training course you will find, period! There are 190+ 5* reviews here for a reason. We got the best of the training from Lee and Bruce, both with years of experience and passion about motorcycles. They give personal attention to every student, even with previous experience in another country I was able to learn so much from this 3 day course. One might wonder why is the course $700+, trust me, it’s worth every $, It’s 13.5 hours of track training they provide bikes, gas, insurance paid for the bikes, all the gear! + 6+ hours of classroom included with fun filled presentation, they even gave all the insights about how to lower your insurance and how to obtain the full license. The instructors attention to detail while training you is immaculate, I feel 200% confident and safe on the road after this course! Thanks to 1st gear!
-sharath vittal via Google on June 12th 2017

I had an excellent experience with 1st Gear. Our instructor Lionel, was both professional and fun. His clear subject matter knowledge and experience in riding translated excellently into instruction. The lessons were well balanced with practical and theoretical portions, and the instructor would often add tips and tricks in order to stay safe as new rider. Beyond the scope of the lessons; the class was invited to motorcycle community events, given course related discounts at local motorcycle gear suppliers and taught how to effectively bargain and look for bikes. Overall, I highly recommend 1st Gear and I intended to continue my motorcycle education with them through road rides, maintenance courses and other courses they may offer.
-Trim Zherka via Google on June 9th 2017

If you want to ride a motorcycle and have no clue how to do it, you have to go see these guys. They provide you with the confidence and all the skills necessary to prepare you for fun and safe riding experience. The instructors Lee and Nicola are both very pleasant to deal with, and they are professionals who are patient and knowledgeable. Trust me when I say they will stick with you until the end whether you are a fast or a slow learner. Just came back from my first road ride today and now I feel confident enough to go on a ride by myself. This coming from a person who didn’t know anything about riding a bike 2 weeks ago. 180 reviews and all 5 stars. Stats don’t lie 🙂
-Steven Yu via Google on May 19th 2017

Thoroughly covered a lot of info in a short amount of time. Instructors are very professional. I left feeling proud of myself and very supported in my future riding endeavours. I highly recommend these guys!
-Allison Nosek via Facebook on May 14th 2017

I would recommend 1st Gear Motorcycle School to new riders, as well as more experienced riders who would like to refresh their skills. The training is set up to build your confidence on the motorcycle and become a decent and respected participant of traffic. I had some motorcycle training before I came to Canada, but Lee and Bruce of 1st Gear Motorcycle School really taught me how to manage a motorcycle properly and how to become more confident in riding. The training is partially in a classroom setting and partially on the training lot. I was afraid that the classroom lessons would be dull and useless, but it was the contrary; the information was very valuable for the following training on the motorcycle and the focus of the classroom lessons was on how to be a good rider. The training on the lot was great. The exercises started with basic motor skills and ended with having developed an understanding of how the motor is the medium between you as a driver, the road, and all conditions that influence either. The training was not meant to let everybody pass their Motor Skills Test (MST) (which would be the easiest thing for a motorschool to do), but to deliver responsible motorcyclists. That, of course, also means that someone might not pass their MST. Nonetheless, everybody in my ‘class’ passed. My trainers were Lee & Bruce. Lee has a longer history as a trainer for 1st Gear which helps because he knows the motorcycles you train on and he knows how much he can ask of his students very well. Also, Lee has experience as a trainer on the circuits as well, which is very helpful because he can give examples from both worlds. Bruce has a long experience as a long-distance rider which is interesting because he can elaborate more on good posture for the longer rides, effects of weather conditions, and of course a lot of stories. The training was great and I recommend it to everyone who would like to become a (better) motorcyclist.
-Bryan Robert via Google on May 6th 2017

Great friendly atmosphere- The instructors at 1st Gear will instantly make you feel welcome. I took this course having some prior experience to riding but this course really put me where I needed to be as a new rider. I was out on the road the very next day after completion, confident and fully utilizing many things they instilled in me. They will go over everything with you. If you are a person who has never even touched a motorcycle and are hesitant to the overall process or someone who has minor experience this course is for you. My main instructor Lionel was more than welcoming in every aspect and will really put the fun into this course and make you feel relaxed. No stone goes unturned. I had the opportunity to also meet Lee, Patrick, Raymond and Nicola. Again, I can’t stress enough how welcoming and encouraging they are aswell as pointing out anything you need to improve and actually showing you. You really get your money worth out of this course/school.. they offer many things. Check their website. I’m really looking forward to their basic maintenance class in May. Thanks guys! Great stuff. Special thanks to Lionel.
-Bryan Walsh via Google on May 1st 2017

Very accommodating. Called about the course and was slotted to start that very evening! Class dynamics was friendly, instructors were knowledgeable, and learning included a lot of participation from us students. Track experience was safe. I especially liked how they seriously watch your technique and sternly disciplined me about my mistakes. Thanks for that. Also took the mechanic class with Adam. Learned all I needed to take care of my motor bike. Lucky to get walked through changing the oil, and tightening my chain. And Adam also stuck around after the class to help me remove and adjust my gear foot pedal to allow my new boot to more easily lift the gear lever. Thanks Adam!
-raymond eric via Google on April 25th 2017

Last week I finished the Learn to Ride course with Lionel as the instructor. Boy am I happy I went! At first I though 800$ was a lot to spend on school, but every penny was worth it, and I haven’t even started my road rides. The perfect amount of curriculum and great space of a practice lot. Never ran out of bikes to try, always got great advice (even switching to Grom for MSA which was a breeze (again thanks Lionel!)) Definitely recommending to any friends who want to learn to Ride.
-Austin Robinson via Google on April 19th 2017

What a beautiful experience!
One shall call himself lucky this days to pay for something online and not get dissatisfied.
There is not one single issue I can come up with no matter how picky I try to be.
Friendly and knowledgeable instructors – with plenty of care in the tuition and instructions to deliver the highest possible result.
The one of the most important point is the great variety of motorcycles I was able to use and get comfortable with in order to choose the one I feel most comfy for the MSA examination.
Looking forward to keep in touch with the team to gain as much information as possible.
A huge high five and thumbs up for 1st Gear Motorcycle Training & School.

-Ferencz Boros via Facebook on April 9th 2017

A great supportive environment to learn in. The instructors welcomed all kinds of questions; they will clarify all kinds to things a new rider need to know. From basic operation of motorcycle, smart tips on the road (learning from other riders’ experience), maintenance of motorcycle, motorcycle gear types, insurance, etc. The course covered all a rider needs to know. A big thanks to Lee and Nicola, knowledgeable instructor who provided constant feedback and support to make me feel confident in riding. It is easy to learn a lot in this kind of fun environment.
-Chestnutcone 6 via Google on April 3rd 2017

Going to 1st Gear is definitely a must for beginners wanting to ride motorbikes. My overall experience with 1st Gear School was fantastic! It was fun and I learned so much. I went from knowing nothing about actual riding to feeling confident riding on the road in only 3 days. They give you a variety of bikes to choose from like, crusiers, dual sports, and sportbikes. I discovered that I like riding sportbikes the most, but also like riding dual sports. ? Lee and Nicola were great instructors! They are very clear on instructions and will make sure to correct you on anything that you do wrong. They are friendly, encouraging, and funny. They are willing to answer any questions in the field of motorcycles. All around great instructors. The training lot was very big and I felt very comfortable riding there. I never felt that I didn’t have enough room to stop or accelerate. With all this, you will feel comfortable and confident to pass the MST and also start riding on the road. If you are not ready to ride alone, they offer 3 group rides and provide bikes to ride each time you go. (I’m definitely going ?) I came in knowing nothing about riding to becoming a real rider. Thanks 1st Gear for the awesome classes! I definitely recommend any new riders or people who are wanting to learn to ride to take classes here at 1st Gear. It is definitely worth it.
-Nicholas Kyle via Google on March 13th 2017

Great experience with 1st Gear – they have a variety of bikes you can feel free to try on, and full set of gears to protect you (even though there’s no one in my class actually “used” it)… the instructors are not only experienced, passionate, supportive, but also know how to teach – they guide you to take deliberate practice, that means they never let you stay in “comfort zone” but keep you making one little progress at a time, and, you get lots of feedback to improve and master the skills.
-Golson Xie via Facebook on March 12th 2017

Almost one year and 24000 km after I had my training at 1st Gear, in April 2016. It has proven totally worth the time and money, and I have not crashed once, thanks to the various useful hints given not only during the training itself, but also the road practices and the constant contact maintained with Lionel, Lee and the 1st Gear team. If you’re new to riding, don’t hesitate one second, 1st Gear is the way to go!
-Phil Hilger  via Facebook on February 6th 2017

I recently decided to learn to ride a motorcycle and after emailing a bunch of schools, I chose 1st Gear because of their prompt and detailed response. I was not disappointed! I took up private lessons with Lee who proved to be a very knowledgeable and experienced instructor. Within 2 days Lee had me riding and I passed my Motorcycle Skills Test. 1st Gear not only did a great job in teaching me how to ride a motorcycle but the classes were full of emphasis on motorcycle safety. As well as teaching me to ride a motorcycle, Lee also came with me to purchase my motorcycle and all the gear I needed. Lee brought back the motorcycle in his van and made sure I was comfortable riding it before I went on my way. I definitely chose the right place to learn and I could not recommend Lee and his motorcycle school enough
-Nick G via Google on March 2nd 2016

I took the “Learn to Ride” course last weekend with 1st Gear Moto School and it was simply excellent. The instructors have years of experience and they cover all aspects that one requires to ride safely. they have all styles of motorcycles to use in the training sessions. Very organized and structured course. I strongly recommend. Thank you
-GSBGrillo via Google on Feb 29th, 2016

1st Gear’s MSA course was very useful and it allowed me to get quickly on motorcycle and get the basic skills and confidence. Moreover, I really enjoyed the weekend thanks to the friendly instructors and well structured practical part on the parking lot. Kudos to Lee who managed to make the classroom part (that could have been easily just tedious) informative and fun.
-Miroslav B via Google on Feb 25th, 2016

Came in knowing absolutely nothing about bikes. 3 Days later I’ve not only learned how to ride but also passed my MSA! The staff were amazing. They constantly give you tips on how to improve. They are very approachable and very encouraging. I had the unfortunate luck of dropping my bike twice but each time they were very supportive. Bikes all ran well without issue, gear wasn’t smelly and old. They’re very knowledgeable when it comes to bikes, MSA tests, safety, etc… Of course you can’t miss out on Lionel’s dark humor! Definitely recommend these guys for all your learning needs. I will most definitely be back to learn more from them in the future! Thank again 1st Gear staff!!
-Andrea via Google on Feb 22nd, 2016

Hey Lee! I just wanted to say thanks for the great instruction this weekend. I didn’t really know what to expect going into it, but definitely learned a ton and had alllll the fun! I was seriously impressed that you had every one, even the very beginners, riding confidently by the end. For me, it was exactly what I needed to refresh my memory and feel safe trying out things I’d never done before, and of course pass the MSA. I’ve already recommended you to my friends on facebook, see you guys soon for the road rides!
-Krystle via Google on Feb 22nd, 2016

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