Learn to ride in shortest amount of time. Focusing on what you want to accomplish.

Dirt riding training can be part of this too. It is up to you!

Onsite training available at your home or work. The more space you have the better.

The classroom can be done anywhere. Motorcycle basics can be done onsite. Some of the training will have to be done on our training lot.

Cost $

Unlicensed to licensed motorcylist

For those that know how to ride (motorcycles or scooters) and want a full class 6 license
  • MUST ride a scooter or motorcycle and be able to prove it. Riding a motorcycle for 4 hours or less doesn’t count!
  • 6 hours private lessons on the training lot/road & 8 hours in a group classroom setting.
  • Five types of motorcycles provided. Motorcycle Gear provided.
  • Classroom Material must be done in our regularly scheduled sessions with group classes.
  • Training Lot/Road will be scheduled with you. Ideally over two days. Can be done in one day.
  • MST test is done at 1st Gear.
  • Three group rides, motorcycle and gear provided.
  • If you want to skip the classroom material. You’ll have to do the MST test at ICBC in Burnaby.
  • $500

Cost $

Learn to Ride

Fully private lessons for One person
  • Available Monday through Thursday with limited availability through Friday to Sunday.
  • 12 Hours Private Instruction, three sessions lasting 4.5 hours.
  • Classroom Theory
  • Learn in a private lot, in a controlled environment
  • All motorcycles and gear provided (Even for the ICBC final road test)
  • 5 different styles of motorcycles for you to ride. Sport, Standard, Cruiser, Dirtbike, Mini.
  • MSA test completed on site
  • Attend three Group Rides.
  • Introductions and help buying motorcycle gear and motorcycle
  • Practical (Training Lot) is completed during daylight hours.
  • Theory (Classroom) is completed during the week. Day and Evening.
  • Taking transit? We’ll pick you up at Bridgeport Skytrain Station.
  • $1500
  • Also check out Desmond & Noah at for additional private lesson options

Nothing above meet your needs?

Contact us and tell us what exactly you are looking for. One on One training is available for $80/hr. Everything included.

You can call/text Lee directly at 604 720 4541 or fill out this form.

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