You’ve completed our course. Now it is time to prepare you for the road.

We have a two stage program for riding on the road. PLEASE read through and complete the form.

Road PREP. This is mainly a training lot session with a short road ride. We spend more time doing higher speed exercises then take you out on the road to ensure you can ride at 50km/h in proper formation. If you have a motorcycle already and you can ride at 50km/h, skip this and go right to the Road Ride.

Road RIDE. All riding is done on public roads at or above 50km/h. The instructor will lead your group around based on your requests and concerns. These are aimed to get you comfortable for the road, socialize, and to start preparing for the ICBC Road Test.


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ROAD PREPS & RIDES ARE FOR 1ST GEAR STUDENTS ONLY. If you are not student please contact us for options.

Please wait for confirmation. This may take 24 hours. We have Instructor and student limits.
Do not show up unless you get a confirmation email.

Book a Road Ride! 1st Gear Students Only


Training Lot & Road Ride

You will start in the training lot and perform higher speed exercises on our motorcycle or yours. This includes emergency stops, faster take offs, and tight turns. Riders that are doing well will then go on a short road ride on roads that are 50kmh to 60kmh. No highways. If everything goes well you next session will be Road EXPERIENCE.

This is a required ride for all students UNLESS you can ride your own motorcycle at highway speeds or the instructor who taught you said you can skip Road Introduction ride.


100% Riding on the road.

All riders must be able to do at least 50kmh on our motorcycle or your motorcycle. You will also do some highway riding. This ride is aimed for riders to get more ‘seat time’ so they are more confident on the road and practicing for the road test. You will also be riding with traffic and practicing traffic strategy and lane positioning.


ICBC Road Test Riding

You are smooth and confident riding your motorcycle or our motorcycle on the road at slow and higher speeds. You have your road test booked or you are wanting to book it. The group will ride for 20 minutes practicing proper ICBC Road Test rules, we will then stop and discuss the past 20min. The order of the riders will change and we will ride for another 20min then stop and review. This will be three to four 20min riding sessions with review. By the end of it you will be ready for the road test or close to it. Review our road test notes ahead of time to be prepared.