You’ve completed our course. Now it is time to prepare you for the road.

We have a three stage program for riding on the road and passing your road test. PLEASE choose the ride that is right for you.

Road Rides are for 1st Gear Students only.


-A blend of more training lot exercises and on road riding
-Higher speed exercises
-Aimed to get you riding on roads at 50kmh+
-Use our motorcycle or yours
-Required for all riders unless an instructor approved you to skip


-Entire ride is on the road
-It will start with 50kmh to 60kmh roads
-Highways included
-Aimed for riders needing more ‘seat time’ to be confident
-Use our motorcycle or yours


-You are comfortable riding a motorcycle at all speeds
-You have ridden 10+ hours on a motorcycle at least
-You are ready for the final ICBC road test
-You have a ICBC road test coming up
-You have reviewed the Road Test Notes page
-Use our motorcycle or yours