You’re learning to ride! Let the fun begin. Here is what you need for the course.
1. Your motorcycle learners license (LDL, 6L, 8L). It must be with you at all times.
2. Comfortable clothes for the classroom.
3. Jeans (or another tougher fabric) with ankle covering shoes/boots for the training lot.
4. This is optional but riding a bicycle for a few hours REALLY helps learning to ride motorcycles. The students that learn the quickest ride bicycles regularly.
5. Your credit card or cash for the remaining due ($500) if you have not paid the full amount yet. We are not setup for debit/interact. Online payment link is here.

No Smoking at least 20 meters from the building and students at all times. Please and Thank You.

ICBC learners motorcycle license required. 

The learners license can be obtained by going to ICBC and writing the motorcycle knowledge test. This course includes your Motorcycle Skills Assessment. Also known as MSA, MST, and parking lot test. We provide the motorcycles, helmets, jackets, and gloves for you. What’s required from you? Please wear jeans and Shoes/Boots that cover your ankles. If you want to wear your own motorcycle gear, please bring it. All the details of the Final ICBC Road Test are here;

Your Road Ride(s) will be run every week at different times with different instructors. You attend them at your convenience, just book them a day or two ahead.

If you are uncomfortable paying online, you can call us to pay over the phone or arrange a time to meet us at the 1st Gear shop. 778 714 4327

For Cancellation and Date Changes… PLEASE READ our Terms & Conditions you are agreeing to.

Our location map is the easiest way to find us and these are the best places to park.

If you are under 19 years of age a parent or guardian MUST be present to sign your Waivers. This is mandatory before you are able to be trained.