If you do not plan to ride during the winter, put the time in to winterize your motorcycle. It doesn’t take much! A few simple steps will ensure your motorcycle will start right up in the Spring.

The list below is the absolute minimum required. It is easy, so you’ll do it!

1) Put fuel stabilizer (we recommend Seafoam Motor Treatment), fill the tank up with gas, and run it for 10min. Fuel doesn’t age well, with some Fuel Stabilizer you won’t have to worry about the fuel potentially gumming up the fuel system.

2) Change the Oil. There is no sense in leaving dirty oil to sit in your engine all winter long. Replace it with new oil. You don’t even need to change the Oil Filter if you do not want to. Drain it, replace it, done!

3) Wash your bike.

4) Clean you motorcycle chain with kerosene and then lubricate the chain with Chain Lubrication.

5) Disconnect your battery and put it on a Battery Tender. Your bike won’t be going anywhere if you just leave it connected. Your battery will die and you may have to buy another one. Here is the product we use. http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/battery-tender-junior-0-75a-maintainer-0111940p.html

6) DO NOT start it up periodically and rev it. This is a bad idea as it creates condensation and it will settle into the engine. Leave it alone and only start it when you are ready to insure it.

If you need any help winterizing your motorcycle or storing it, let us know and we can help.