1st Gear Motorcycle Training Victoria

Vancouver Island Residents! Are your local schools fully booked already?
Here is a great option to get your motorcycle training completed with MST test.

Part 1
Our training starts with the online classroom, completed at your home, on your schedule.

Part 2
In person classroom in Victoria at a local college or meeting room.

Part 3
Training Lot on Thursday and Friday OR Saturday and Sunday at one of our training lot locations at Richmond, Coquitlam or Langley.

Only one overnight stay on the lower mainland is needed

Course Details. Worth reading before signing up. Click/Tap here.

ICBC Learners Motorcycle License is required. We cannot teach you without it. You’ll need to go to ICBC to get it. it’s a multiple choice test. Do not signup for this motorcycle course until you have passed and you have your yellow paper in hand. (More info)

Our online course Part 1. ICBC requires 7 hours of classroom for all group motorcycle training courses. The first half is done online, at your home. This is self study material that must be completed before your course starts. It is a series of videos, interactive games, and light reading material. Designed to be as interesting as we could create it!

In person classroom Part 2. The second half is done in person. So bring your questions about motorcycles to buy, safety gear to buy, etc. Meet your instructor and your fellow students and we will go through the second part of the required classroom material.

The Training Lot. We run rain or shine! We only stop for snow, ice, freezing temps, and extremely heavy rain. This is two days spent riding and learning the motorcycles. The best part.

We provide motorcycles. Sportbikes, Cruisers, Dirtbikes, and others are all available for you to learn on and try out. Figure out the bike you like to ride the most before buying one. (More info)

Motorcycle Gear. Full face Helmets can be provided but for hygienic reasons we recommend you provide your own. Jackets can be provided. You provide the gloves (any kind, just not 1mm thick gloves). Please wear jeans or similar tougher fabric pants. Shoes/Boots (any kind) that cover your ankles. If it rain, we have rain gear for you.

MST Test Included. We test you onsite! No need to go to ICBC to get this done. You get lots of practice time, two attempts, and a much more relaxed environment to take a test. We can even retest you at a future date if your license expires. You will never have to go to ICBC for the MST test. (More info)

ICBC Road Test booking. Beat the rush! We have preferential road test spots available to 1st Gear students when you are ready. Richmond ICBC, Port Coquitlam ICBC, and Langley ICBC locations only.  (More info)

If you are uncomfortable paying online? you can call us to pay over the phone or arrange a time to meet us at the training lot. 778 714 4327

For Cancellation and Date Changes. PLEASE READ our Terms & Conditions you are agreeing to. You might lose your registration fee if you don’t. (More info)

Our location map. The easiest way to find us.. (More info)

If you are under 19 years of age, you need the consent of one of your parents/guardians. We will need to talk to them and they will need to sign the waiver with you. This is mandatory as training minors carries a great deal of liability and responsibility. We also welcome parents to the first part of the classroom material so they can be properly informed about motorcycling too. (More info)


Put your name here so we can contact you with our upcoming classroom date

Once the classroom is completed then you can choose a date and location of your choice
A learners license is mandatory for motorcycle training