Are you unsure about learning to ride? Do you have questions?

Start here. We have a couple of options that make the decision to learn to ride easier

Take a one hour private lesson $120

You will spend one hour with one of our instructors privately. They will go through the basics and get you riding a motorcycle at slow speed. ICBC Motorcycle Learners License required.

This is a great option as it gets you on the motorcycle. To make this hour efficient please ride a bicycle before your lesson. It helps a lot. Cost is $120 but $60 credit will be issued if you take the full learn to ride course.

Lesson is completed Monday to Friday at our Coquitlam location @ 1401 Lucille Starr Dr.

1st Gear Motorcycles

Take our Online Training Course $120

The course is approximately 3.5 hours long and is mandatory for our learn to ride classes. This would be your first step for learning to ride. If you decide to take the full learn to ride course, you will get a $120 credit towards it.

This course covers what to expect learning to ride, basic operation, motorcycle gear, traffic strategy, accident avoidance. This is delivered through videos, questions and interactive content.

*You do not need a ICBC motorcycle learners license to do the online training but you will have to get your learners license if you go ahead with motorcycle training. The online course is not a replacement for the learners license.

1st Gear Motorcycle Training Online Course

Read or listen to our book on motorcycling

Here is everything you will need to know to get started. What to expect and how to learn riding as safe as possible.

Available in paperback, audio, and ebook. Click or tap the image for the link to buy.

Your First Motorcycle by Lee RideFar Heaver