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The instructors at 1st gear are amazing! I had my doubts about getting on a motorcycle because I had no prior experience with motorbikes or manual cars, but Lee really broke it down step by step. He’s very patient and is able to tailor his way of teaching to each student. Choosing this riding school was definitely the smart choice for me. I’m 5’2 and 115lbs..if I can do it, I’m sure anyone can!
-Patricia May via Facebook on September 8th 2017

Great experience at first gear. Lee my instructor was awesome. Great balance of class time, which didn’t feel slow or boring, and time in the lot on the bikes. Would recommend this class to anyone looking to get into riding. Fun, informative, good selection of bikes to learn on. Looking forward to the road rides.
-Kurtis Perry via Facebook on September 7th 2017

These guys are the best! 110% recommend taking this course. They teach you all of the techniques, maneuvers, and general know-how you will need to become a confident rider, all in one weekend. If you are even remotely considers signing up for a school, it is absolutely worth it. Sign up with these guys right now! Side note: I will be seeing all of your beautiful faces soon for a road ride!
-Michael Williams via Google on September 3rd 2017

Owned and run by two super rad dudes, 1st Gear is the place to take your motorcycle training. The program slowly builds up your skills to become a confident and safe rider, all the while it challenges you to gently push your limits. I went in with a bit of nerves about riding (had crashed a dirt bike a few times before), and left feeling safe, capable and confident. If I could give more than five stars, I would.
-Sponsorship Fundraising via Google on September 2nd 2017

Highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn from ground zero…or neutral.. or I guess 1st gear. Having absolutely no motorcycle experience (literally just a bicycle), Lionel, Lee, and Patrick made me feel safe and comfortable. The mixture of class time and lot time was perfect, very informative and left me feeling confident enough to start practicing and riding on my own and in the streets. Not only does this course teach you how to ride but Lionel and Lee both shared a ton of information regarding bikes, gear, mechanics, who, where, what to buy, what not to, tips and tricks, money savers, etc. I honestly can’t say enough good things about 1st gear!! yay.
-Ray via Google on September 1st 2017

Excellent place to go. Good location and reasonable price for what you get. So many extras come with course (bike rides, rentals, lots of information on so many things from buying bikes to insurance and gear, coupons and discounts to bikes and gear). Highly recommend.
-Chris Puddester via Facebook on August 7th 2017

Took the 3 day course. Learned all I needed and more to feel adequate on the road. Fun group of instructors with the passion to teach safe riding without sacrificing the thrill of riding.
Highly recommended!
-Josiah Ng via Facebook on July 25th 2017

They really took the time to explain everything to you and listened to any questions or concerns we had. Too bad the rating only has five stars. They deserve a lot more stars. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thanks to all.
-Sean Dio via Facebook on July 12th 2017

Learning to ride with 1st Gear was such an awesome experience. Coming in with zero knowledge or prior experience with motorcycles was daunting and all the instructors were so supportive and helpful. They make the classroom portion of the course interesting and engaging and then get you right out onto the bikes as quickly as possible. The combination of different instructors and a really wide variety of bikes meant you could find your sweet spot and get the most out of your time. I cannot recommend 1st Gear highly enough. They also have a great “Catch & Release” buy back program for used bikes, if you don’t already have one. And although I haven’t joined one yet, I’m super excited to join for some of the road rides they do each week.
-Andrea Turner via Facebook on June 26th 2017

1st Gear Motorcycle School offer something else when it comes to learning how to ride a motorcycle. Both Lionel and Lee the owners are highly skilled and professional instructors that will help you go over the “boring” classroom materials in a fun and educational way. On the parking lot Melanie and Raymond, will answer every question no matter how stupid it is and will teach and show you the proper way to ride a motorcycle. I just wish he had more one on one time with the instructors to go over our feedbacks, Over all I had an amazing experience and now I feel confident to ride my bike on the streets ( even in Richmond) Just a pro tip before you start your parking lot training, invest in a good sun screen to avoid unnecessary sun burns. 🙂
-Oleg Peleshok via Google on June 20th 2017

Great teachers/instructors. Less red tape compared to other driving schools, great variety of bikes to learn on and also efficient teaching compact in three days. Road rides are not mandatory and I managed to obtain my Class 6! OH! and a huge parking lot to learn on compared to other places. Overall, engaging and welcoming school! Have fun!
-Desmond Chun via Facebook on June 18th 2017

Great friendly atmosphere- The instructors at 1st Gear will instantly make you feel welcome. I took this course having some prior experience to riding but this course really put me where I needed to be as a new rider. I was out on the road the very next day after completion, confident and fully utilizing many things they instilled in me. They will go over everything with you. If you are a person who has never even touched a motorcycle and are hesitant to the overall process or someone who has minor experience this course is for you. My main instructor Lionel was more than welcoming in every aspect and will really put the fun into this course and make you feel relaxed. No stone goes unturned. I had the opportunity to also meet Lee, Patrick, Raymond and Nicola. Again, I can’t stress enough how welcoming and encouraging they are aswell as pointing out anything you need to improve and actually showing you. You really get your money worth out of this course/school.. they offer many things. Check their website. I’m really looking forward to their basic maintenance class in May. Thanks guys! Great stuff. Special thanks to Lionel.
-Bryan Walsh via Google on May 22nd 2017

Pleasant environment – friendly, knowledgeable and carrying instructors. Great learning and testing parking lot with plenty of space and great variety of different type and style of motorcycles to choose from and get familiarized with. The lectures are compacted and well organised. In class tuition is right to the point covering all the necessary information to become a save new biker on the road. Five star rate is not enough. The place is still new but looking very good already. Special thanks to : Lionel, Raymond and last but not least to Nicola and Lee. Fantastic people looking forward to develop my riders skills with you on the road rides. Thank you team!
-Ferencz Boros via Google on May 17th 2017

Last week I finished the Learn to Ride course with Lionel as the instructor. Boy am I happy I went! At first I though 800$ was a lot to spend on school, but every penny was worth it, and I haven’t even started my road rides. The perfect amount of curriculum and great space of a practice lot. Never ran out of bikes to try, always got great advice (even switching to Grom for MSA which was a breeze (again thanks Lionel!)) Definitely recommending to any friends who want to learn to Ride.
-Austin Robinson via Google on May 9th 2017

I started out with zero experience with a motorcycle, or even shifting gears. They worked with me, and taught in such as way that made it easy, and enjoyable, to learn. Highly recommended!
-Steve Pritula via Facebook on May 7th 2017

Great experience! Had a great time. Some tips would be to have a second classroom (being in the same room as the bikes is cool) however it gets too cold/hot in there. Booking road rides/classes could be more automated too with software such as vcita and shedulista. Other than that i road a while before the class and thought that the class would be nice to have but i wouldnt be learning much. Little did i know i learned a tonne and became a much better rider. As well i met some cool classmates!
-Jimmy Jack Jr via Google on April 28th 2017

The instructors are amazing. They’ll take the time to explain things and make sure you know what you’re doing, even taking you aside from the group to work on specific things, if need be. Not knowing how to drive, I was super nervous taking the class and not at all confident in my ability at first. An instructor took me aside for a few minutes, explained some things in more detail for me and went over some basic exercises so I could comfortably rejoin the rest of the class. It was very appreciated! They’re very supportive, knowledgeable and able to work with a variety of skill levels. Truly awesome experience – definitely glad I signed up.
-Irenna Leigh via Facebook on April 14th 2017

Had a blast alongside the best teachers in the city. Fun, friendly, but above all, professional and experienced. The skills and info learned from this intensive course will get you on your way towards being a great rider and may even someday save your life!
-Erick Morales via Facebook on March 22nd 2017

I recently decided to learn to ride a motorcycle and after emailing a bunch of schools, I chose 1st Gear because of their prompt and detailed response. I was not disappointed! I took up private lessons with Lee who proved to be a very knowledgeable and experienced instructor. Within 2 days Lee had me riding and I passed my Motorcycle Skills Test. 1st Gear not only did a great job in teaching me how to ride a motorcycle but the classes were full of emphasis on motorcycle safety. As well as teaching me to ride a motorcycle, Lee also came with me to purchase my motorcycle and all the gear I needed. Lee brought back the motorcycle in his van and made sure I was comfortable riding it before I went on my way. I definitely chose the right place to learn and I could not recommend Lee and his motorcycle school enough
-Nick G via Google on March 2nd 2016

I took the “Learn to Ride” course last weekend with 1st Gear Moto School and it was simply excellent. The instructors have years of experience and they cover all aspects that one requires to ride safely. they have all styles of motorcycles to use in the training sessions. Very organized and structured course. I strongly recommend. Thank you
-GSBGrillo via Google on Feb 29th, 2016

1st Gear’s MSA course was very useful and it allowed me to get quickly on motorcycle and get the basic skills and confidence. Moreover, I really enjoyed the weekend thanks to the friendly instructors and well structured practical part on the parking lot. Kudos to Lee who managed to make the classroom part (that could have been easily just tedious) informative and fun.
-Miroslav B via Google on Feb 25th, 2016

Came in knowing absolutely nothing about bikes. 3 Days later I’ve not only learned how to ride but also passed my MSA! The staff were amazing. They constantly give you tips on how to improve. They are very approachable and very encouraging. I had the unfortunate luck of dropping my bike twice but each time they were very supportive. Bikes all ran well without issue, gear wasn’t smelly and old. They’re very knowledgeable when it comes to bikes, MSA tests, safety, etc… Of course you can’t miss out on Lionel’s dark humor! Definitely recommend these guys for all your learning needs. I will most definitely be back to learn more from them in the future! Thank again 1st Gear staff!!
-Andrea via Google on Feb 22nd, 2016

Hey Lee! I just wanted to say thanks for the great instruction this weekend. I didn’t really know what to expect going into it, but definitely learned a ton and had alllll the fun! I was seriously impressed that you had every one, even the very beginners, riding confidently by the end. For me, it was exactly what I needed to refresh my memory and feel safe trying out things I’d never done before, and of course pass the MSA. I’ve already recommended you to my friends on facebook, see you guys soon for the road rides!
-Krystle via Google on Feb 22nd, 2016

From the very first point of contact, to the last, these pro trainers, teachers, and all around great guys (and gal) exceeded all expectations. I had been talking about getting my motorcycle license for years, and this year, I finally pulled the trigger. After a simple google search, 1st Gear came up at the top of the list, with a ton of 5 star reviews on both google and yelp. They are also heavy users of social media – big plus! There was no doubt I’d be signing up with them. Payment was an easy process, their website was clear and attractive, the FAQ page was informative on what to expect, and when the day came to start classes, the school was easy to find. Can’t forget to mention that they included everything – helmets, jackets, gloves, protective gear, rain gear and of course, the motorcycles. I rode every type of motorcycle while taking lessons at 1st Gear, which gave me a better understanding of the type of bike I will likely buy. After passing the MSA on my first try, 1st Gear offers 2 road rides included (3 options per week) in the cost of the training. One major positive I want to note is that they were very flexible with my extremely packed schedule, and they allowed me to schedule the lessons in and around my other commitments. This was a huge deal for me and it made my experience that much better. Both Lee and Lionel are charismatic guys, great teachers that really care for their students. I have and will continue to recommend 1st Gear to anyone that is looking at getting on a motorcycle. Thanks Lee and Lionel!
-Marie via Google on October 21st, 2015

Started off never riding a bike, with no knowledge whatsoever. Pretty nerve racking. I walked into the class & was greeted by a friendly instructor (Lee). Throughout the class Lee introduced us to the theory in a fun & engaging way. His teaching style was fun & informative. On the training lot Lionel & Lee encouraged the class and taught us each aspect of handling the motorcycles. The pace was set at a comfortable yet fast to keep your attention and learning up while in your comfort zone. MSA course was definitely a great idea for a new rider to take. From in depth classroom to Msa prep to motorcycle games (designed to help you ace Msa). It’s a perfect way for a new rider to be comfortable with their new skills. Two road rides also are awesome. Overall I’m so happy I took this course. Passed my Msa first try! Probably the best weekend I’ve had this summer! Thank you again for everything!
-Oliver via Google on September 17th, 2015

Top-notch instruction and equipment (bikes AND gear provided!). During the course you have an opportunity to try several different bike styles/sizes, in a safe and controlled environment. Upon completion of the course you walk away having completed your MSA exam, armed with the skills and confidence to ride safely just about anywhere. I took the course a year ago and have kept in touch – Lee and Lionel know their stuff and are always willing to share their knowledge and experience! I would recommend this school to any novice rider who wants to begin riding, or even an advanced rider wishing to get back on their bike after a few years.
-Greg via Google on September 23rd, 2015
This was the most fun I’ve had on two wheels since I lost my training wheels. I went took the course having never ridden a motorcycle, but with 15 years of daily bike riding (downhill, cross country, flat track etc.). Lee, Mel, Raymond and the other instructor (name escapes me, sorry!) were fantastic at keeping a great learning curve, and really helping myself and the other people in the class learn comfortably and effectively. I went from 0 experience, to feeling almost completely natural on the bike. The selection of bikes that were present to learn on was a great benefit, and I think it was really helpful to get the feel for so many different bikes. Changing up the bike I was on frequently helped me to become more comfortable with the overall idea and practices of riding, instead of just becoming reliant on the one bike. If you take the class, Lee and the other instructors encourage you to change up bikes often and always, and I fully agree that it’s important to the learning experience. I would 100% take this class again.
-Peter via Google on September 15th, 2015

I’ve taken all sorts of courses out there – scuba, sky diving, mountaineering and am a ski instructor and seasoned coach and these guys (and gal) hit all the right marks. The program was thorough, progressive, effective and fun. And really safe too. Never ever in the training environment did I feel uncomfortable or at risk. The gear, the bikes and the riding space were excellent. Thank you very much 1st Gear – Lee, Lionel, Mel and Raymond for a 1st rate experience.
-John via Google on September 14th, 2015

A lot of people told me I shouldn’t take a course, just spend a couple hours in a parking lot and I would be fine… I’m so glad I didn’t listen to them! There is so much stuff I learned at 1st Gear that I never would have learned until it was too late. My understanding of motorbikes and riding has been increased so much, and that has helped boost my confidence and made me a safer and more experienced rider. Mel, Lionel, Raymond and Lee are awesome Instructors, Thanks 1st Gear!
-Frederick via Google on August 17th, 2015

These guys were fantastic! They’re great teachers, very patient, approachable and they encourage any and all questions and discussion. Safe riding is their priority, and how to protect yourself on your bike so you can continue to enjoy your rides for the rest of your life. I can’t imagine being on the road without taking this course. There are other schools out there (I researched and spoke to a few), but none that will give you the attention and care that Lionel and his team will.
-Jemma via Google on August 15th, 2015

Signed up for the private lessons due to scheduling conflict and all I can say is “Its worth the money”. You can’t put a dollar value to the amount of knowledge and experience gained from such a short 12 hour session. Lee was great in pointing out my bad habits and showing me other ways to manoeuvre the bike. It was great to be able to try out all the different types of bikes and get a feel of how each model handles. Even got to try the CBR 500 on the road and highway as Lee told me to switch bikes. Great experience! Something I never thought of in the past while riding was the importance of emergency braking. This is something I worked on the most and under Lee’s guidance I was able to accomplish the task and pass the MSA. The U turn was trick at first, again the personal tips Lee provided made it so much easier to get it right. Lee did not only teach me the basics, but also challenged me on more advanced skills, like riding the bike at 2 km/hr. It was a tough handling it, but I was able to get it done. Lastly, not knowingly, I took the MSA on a Sportsbike since I just finished a road ride with Lee and did not want to bother changing bikes for the MSA. After passing the test, Lee tells me that no one takes the MSA on a Sportsbike because it is tricky to manoeuvre, especially in the U-Turn. All I can say that is that I could not have accomplished the MSA on the Sportsbike if it wasn’t for Lee’s guidance and attention to safety and proper skills, position. I’m sure the group session is just as educational as the private lesson and most likely more dynamic and entertaining, as you get to meet and ride with other fellow riders. 1st Gear is a must for those thinking of taking up riding. Don’t do it on your own or learn from friends. There’s a lot more you need to learn! Thanks Lee & Lionel for the great experience!
-Wilson via Google on August 11th, 2015

I took this course without telling many people I had signed up (in case I didn’t pass the Motorcycle Skills Test). I loved the instruction provided by both Lee and Lionel- anyone can be a leader, but not everyone is a good leader. These guys are great instructors and definitely effective leaders as they both teach from experience and instill confidence in those they teach with positive encouragement. They know when someone needs a little extra help or explanation and they don’t hesitate to offer support. Mel was also great at giving input and tips from experience as a motorcycle rider. Thanks for an awesome course and for giving me the guidance I need to become a great motorcycle rider!
-Jennifer via Google on July 31st, 2015

Just completed a group program this week. Whether you’re a beginner or returning to riding, I highly recommend taking a course with 1st Gear. Lee and Lionel are exceptional instructors and make the learning and qualification process a great experience – both in the classroom and on the bike. On the training lot they quickly assessed and accommodated different skills levels in the group, ensuring beginner riders developed their confidence while more experienced advanced their skills – with patience and attention for all. The MSA component was very thorough, and focused on principles of smart and safe riding to take out on the road. Good selection of bikes, great riding facilities and training, excellent instructors – if you want to ride, start in 1st Gear!
Philip via Google on July 30th, 2015

Starting out I had no plans to take a motorcycle course. I had a bike and a few friends who know how to ride and thought I would be able to teach myself. After a few attempts (and nearly eating pavement) learning from someone who knows what they are doing sounded better and better. Lionel and Lee where both fun and incredible instructors. I had a great weekend, learned a ton and and am now legally and confidently able to ride my bike by myself. I don’t usually like learning though a course but but this is certainly the exception. I would 100% recommend 1st Gear to anyone learning to ride. So many things that I thought I was doing right I wasn’t, and you don’t know how to fix something until tell you know your doing it wrong.
-Regan via Google on July 29th, 2015

I was a motorcycler for 10+ years, but i had a bad work accident 2 and a half years ago, which prior to medications to my bike and an arm brace being built, I am now able to ride and big thanks to that go to Lee and Lionel, there great instructors and know a lot about riding, and while helping me ride to get my confidence/skills back they also taught me a few things that I had never known, and as I said I’ve beeb riding for over a decade. And when i did my first skill test i had a street bike, and when i did there skills test i was on my harley which as you can imagine was quite a bit harder, but i did things on that bike that I’ve never done before, such as uturns and i also pick up a few other tips tricks while practicing on the skills test, and I can honestly say i wouldn’t have pass it the skills test on my haley prior to my accident, so I said that I’m actually a better rider now with only the use of one hand than I was with two. So if your wanting to learn to ride these guys are defiantly the ones you want learn from.
-Adam via Google on July 1st, 2015

take this course before you buy a motorcycle so you can enjoy the process instead of being frustrated with having a bike you cant ride. The owners are the ones doing the work not hired instructors which is seen by the effort put in by the 2 owners. They are much better than normal teachers since they are passionate about what they do and enjoy helping others enjoy this hobby. It is obvious that they are not just like other schools, I can feel that they did not just want to take my money but i sensed that they truly care about every single student’s safety. The best part about this school is they have the biggest lot out of all the schools so you can practice going fast in the beginning without other cars around you so you can gain the confidence before you get out there with people trying to kill you. Take this course by yourself, or better, with a friend or your girlfriend. You dont need to buy bikes, just take the course and learn! Dont get fooled by other schools named after oceans, because of their popularity, their customer service has dropped. I called them to inquire and they answered “everything is on our website”, I asked for a discount and the registrar laughed at me saying “we are the most popular school in Vancouver, we do not need to give discounts”. I called First gear and Lee was very willing to discuss and talk about what stuff is in the course, the time table of the content and even though he was not able to give me a discount, they are still cheaper than Pacific by $100 and I was more than happy to pay the full price because of the level of service that Lee has provided. I did not want to spend $700 after buying a bike but after taking the course, it has proven to be the best investment I have made because even though I have been riding for 6 months, I still came out to be a better rider after the course. This course is highly recommended!whether you have NO experience or have 10 years of riding experience, you will come out to be a better and faster rider!
-JJ via Google on June 13th, 2015

I took the MSA prep course with 1st Gear back in March/15. Lee taught the classroom portion and did a great job of building a solid foundation in emphasizing rider safety through their curriculum. The lot training portion was run by Lee, Lionel, and Larissa and I went from never having ridden a motorcycle before to having the confidence to ride in a closed lot by the end. I found the pointers given by the staff very useful. They also gave ample time to practice what would be tested in the MSA before Lionel actually conducted it at the end. After the obtaining the MSA I went on two road rides with Marcel who was very methodical in his approach to teaching awareness on the open road. Prior to my Class 6 road test I did a practice road test with Lee and Larissa and found that to be highly useful as they were able to pinpoint my areas of weakness to be mindful of before the actual thing. I would recommend Lee’s school to any prospective rider based on my experience with them!
-Po Fai via Google on May 15th, 2015

1st Gear offers an amazing learning environment with fun, approachable and VERY experienced instructors. They accommodate everyone’s individual skill level (including those with absolutely 0 familiarity with bikes like me) They give you the confidence to go out and ride in a safe and smart way. They give it you straight, no sugar-coating because riding is the last thing you want to take lightly. It was a fun, but challenging weekend learning all the skills. You’ll leave there feeling motivated and eager to get better. Lee and the team go beyond just basics and help you with all aspects of riding including: buying gear, maintaining a bike, insurance, bike culture, and facing stigma. I would recommend their school to any friends or family that are looking to get into riding. I have one road ride left to do. The first was a great way to finally hit the busy roads and feel confident with an instructor (Auto) watching and guiding us through lane positions, signalling, and road awareness. Another great part about this company is how FLEXIBLE they are with scheduling; something you don’t see a lot with other schools! See you guys soon!
-Preet via Google on July 2nd, 2015

I signed up for a group lesson for my week off from work, thinking it wouldn’t take too long (having had friends learn over the years). I survived the Saturday lot ride (barely) and gave up less than an hour into the riding on Sunday. I was definitely struggling. Lionel and Lee never gave up on me. Lee pulled me aside a few times on Sunday to help me through my fears…but unfortunately I could not continue, I was just overwhelmed. They were very encouraging and believed I could overcome my fears and learn to ride. I left the Sunday group ride reluctant to go back and believing I would not pass the MSA (let alone get my class 6). However, Lee was amazing. He said, “we will not leave you behind.” He set up a session with me a few days later and helped me through it all. I was a lot more confident on the bike. AND with me back at work and unable to join the class again, he arranged ANOTHER session with me to accommodate my schedule. That session helped me catch up on the things I missed on Sunday and I even passed the MSA that day! Definitely, not road ready…Yet! But I have the confidence to continue practicing. These guys are the best! I definitely recommend anyone who is wanting to learn and apprehensive, to learn with 1st gear. You won’t regret it. I definitely didn’t!
-Valerie via Google on March 19th, 2015

1st gear are awesome, highly recommend for learning to ride! They are a great group of people, very helpful and made the experience of riding a motorbike non stressful! They were also very accommodating with dates and times for me as I got injured and had to finish up a few months later. I passed my road test with no problems, and the ICBC guy even commented on how good of lessons I must have had!
-Karla via Yelp on October 20th, 2015

First Gear is awesome. I took the weekend course and passed the MSA with no issues at all and I had started the weekend by having never ridden a motorcycle. The instructors are personable, friendly and professional. Your safety and learning to be a safe and competent rider is their primary concern. They made the course a lot of fun with a variety of riding activities, games and course work. There is a mix of male and female instructors and I feel like the course is designed to help anyone of nearly any age to learn how to ride. Thanks First Gear!
-Chad via Yelp on October 1st, 2015

Took the course feb 26 – mar 1. had a lot of fun. It was my first time riding a motorcycle. I feel this course was really useful as I probably would have dropped, crashed, etc my bike multiple times had I tried to learn on my own. The only ‘riding’ experience I had prior to this was on my honda ruckus scooter.. which I now see as even slower than before.

The instructors Lee, Lionel and Larissa are all friendly and very helpful. They let you ride and practice different skills and they introduce them in a orderly way so you’re not confused. They also keep things entertaining too.

After they demonstrate the skill or maneuver they give you tons of time to become proficient in that skill. They then offer helpful advice in order for you to be confident in the skill.

In the end everyone passed the MSA, which allows you to ride on your own.

Even after the course these guys are here to help and I’m very glad to have taken this course here.
-Jesse via Yelp on March 3rd, 2015

What a great experience! As the owner of two businesses I was not able to attend regular classes however Lee customised private lesson to accommodate my schedule. Even though I had previous riding experience, this course most definitely helped me to “get back into it” . Highly recommended to anyone who wants to ride either with or without experience. Once again thanks Lee and the crew!!!
-Alen via Yelp on July 1st, 2015

Awesome course offered, best money I’ve spent in a long time. Lee (the instructor) covered everything involved with riding multiple motorcycles. From the very basic handling of a bike straight to how to buy and what to look for in a bike. I work out of town and my schedule didn’t work with what times he had. Lee worked out times that were the best for me, very thankful for that. After I passed my MST, Lee took a group and myself out for a 3 hour rip around the city. During that ride he communicated with us via radio making sure we all were using the skills taught. I can’t recommend this course enough.
-Adam via Facebook on October 31st, 2015

If you want to learn how to ride, this is the place to go to. Instructors are great and you’ll learn everything you need to know in a fun and safe environment!!
-Jessica via Facebook on September 27th, 2015

Six months after learning to ride with 1st Gear, I took a trip from Vancouver to San Francisco and back. The instinctual skills that I learned while at 1st Gear kept me out of harms way and also saved my butt numerous times during the bad situations that are sometimes just unavoidable while on a bike. Lee is a fantastic instructor who is as patient and knowledgeable as he is charismatic and helpful.
-Kiel via Facebook on September 2nd, 2015

I haven’t ridden in over 30 years.
I now have even more knowledge then before. I found the course to be insightful and fun with no pressure put on the class.
The glow sticks were pretty cool also.
I now look forward to the road ride and hopefully many more rides with 1st Gear.
-Matt via Facebook on August 27th, 2015

1st Gear is the motorcycle learning school of choice! I shopped around before enrolling and I must say Lionel and Lee, and the rest of the team have been nothing but absolutely professional and friendly. They are very skilled and knowledgeable, and they take the time out for their students to really help them learn. It’s great too that they provide all the gear (helmuts, jackets, gloves, etc), and offer different types of motorcycles for students to try out. I highly recommend 1st Gear!!!
-Val via Facebook on August 25th, 2015

Learned how to ride in no time! Lee is awesome and the amount of bikes we could try out was too.
-Richel via Facebook on August 23rd, 2015

Attending 1st Gear training was the best investment towards building motorcycle skills and experience. Great instructors and great selections of bikes. I passes the skill test at the beginning of June, got a bike a couple of days later, passed the road test yesterday (Aug 20th).
-Marjan via Facebook on August 22nd, 2015

Awesome instructors, wide range of bikes to try out that are well maintained and they have courses for all levels of riders.

I will be going back to 1st Gear for more classes.
-Michael via Facebook on August 17th, 2015

I enjoyed learning to ride and couldn’t say enough good things about the overall experience. My only regret was not going sooner! I had a great time and learned a lot as well. Highly recommended!
-Wade via Facebook on August 11th, 2015

my first experience operating a motorcycle with 1st Gear Motorcycle Training & School. Even tho i didn’t pass at the first time. but because of the high standard. I’m confident when i pass the Test my skill will be outstanding. Thanks to 1st Gear motorcycle & School. i had a wonderful weekend.
-Will via Facebook on July 26th, 2015

Having just completed 2.5 days of training with 1st Gear, I can honestly say I feel confident to safely ride any bike. Lionel and Lee run a top notch facility.
-Darcy via Facebook on July 26th, 2015

1st gear was great all the way around. I started with no experience and now I’m confident on my 600 ninja
-Chris via Facebook on July 10th, 2015

Lionel and Lee are both fantastic instructors. They are attentive, knowledgeable, and most importantly extremely patient. Listening to their instruction you feel like Aeschylus feasting at the scraps of Homer. And if that sentence didn’t tell you how unathletic and uncoordinated I am, the next one will. I am horribly uncoordinated. But after taking the course and joining the two road rides that are included, I felt confident to brave the driving hellhole of Richmond and it’s myriad of insane drivers. If you’ve ever considered riding a motorcycle, take this course. You get to sample a wide variety of styles of motorcycles so you can find what makes you most comfortable. Highly recommended.
-Chris via Facebook on July 10th

I just bought a new motorcycle and had been planning on doing the basics to get past my Motorcycle Skills Test through ICBC and hit the road right away. If not for my very smart wife and her concern for my safety she essentially told me to take a motorcycle riding course or she plans to say good bye to me every time I go for a ride. Needless to say I decided to take the weekend course offered through 1st gear and I am beyond happy that I did.

First impressions from Thursday night: entering a garage space through a small industrial building in Richmond I see several motorcycles, jackets, helmets, and a few desks with unfamiliar faces. I am then greeted by Lionel who is a very charismatic and comfortable person to talk to and be around. The first night was a great class lesson on road safety and important differences between driving a car on the roads and the completely different world of riding on the road. at first it was a little overwhelming with how much more work it is to ride a motorcycle and staying safe until the next day when we practiced these simulated real world situations and soon found that it become second nature and almost common sense (once exposed to the idea)

The next day (Saturday) we hit the parking lot and start riding where we meet Lee, the other half of 1st gears ownership. Lee is a very friendly, warm and intelligible person who is an amazing teacher, the way he demonstrates and talks through the maneuvers before sending out is perfect. (As is with the rest of the instructors!)

There is also Mel (Melanie?) a lovely instructor who helped keep a close eye on every one and any flaws or week spots in there riding while executing maneuvers. If she noticed anything you were doing incorrectly or saw something you were doing that she felt unsafe or could be done differently that would be easier or safer she would let you know and make sure you have got what your being taught down to perfecting.

Larissa is the 4th instructor. She also helped me with my emergency stopping keeping me safe!

Sunday was a classroom start which was nice considering it had been the hottest weekend in Vancouver this summer! We went through some more safety maneuvers and then headed onto the MSA prep.

We spent the morning working on the difficult slow speed maneuvers as well as high speed emergency maneuvers (the one that will save your life!) and as usual the entire team was there giving every one tips and instructions on how to get there maneuvers to become a natural thing.

The end of the day was the actual motorcycle skills test (dun dun dun!) They had the lot set up in four testing zones and let everyone practice on all of them for a few hours to get a hang of the test its self which made a huge difference, with the nerves of what was to come it definitely made all the difference between your show up and ride, one shot with ICBC and doing it here and getting the practice in to get it down pat! Plus they make you do it twice in ensure you possess the skills necessary to pass and it wasn’t just dumb luck that you made it through the course.

Aside from the warm and amazing personalities of each team member there is obviously the professional side, the main reason why I took the course. This team went above and beyond to teach you everything you need to know (and more) to be a safe rider and build your confidence in a calm and controlled fashion.

We had a few new riders with zero experience and within two days were riding several different motorcycles and keeping up with the rest of the group as if they had been riding for several months. Even if you’re not getting a hang of it as fast as the rest one of the instructors will take you aside and spend some 1 on 1 time with you to help find what’s holding you back, no matter what! They are absolutely there to make sure you will become that natural and safe rider!

I am blown away with this school and the staff at hand, I HIGHLY recommend this school over others only because I doubt you’ll find a group of people like the 1st gear team that will make learning this comfortable and easy anywhere else.
-Eric via Facebook on June 29th, 2015

So glad that I chose 1st gear! I’ve learnt so much and had a ton of fun both on their parking lot & during road rides. I’m definitely going back for more group rides in the future to enhance my skills. All the instructors are super nice and have a lot to offer, I literally have nothing to complain about.
One of the things I like the most about 1st gear is that they have female instructors. Lee, Lionel, Raymond and Marcel are awesome, but it’s also very inspiring to have a skilled and experienced female rider like Melanie as an example. Love her!
Highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to ride
-Sophia via Facebook on June 28th, 2015

Just finished training with first gear what amazing instructors . They are fun patient and know there stuff. Lionel is funny ,passionate , knowledgable about helping you succeed . Lee is knowledgable about being safe and telling you what you need to do to pass . Raymond well he’s really great the way he teaches never makes you feel dumb when you ask dumb questions or ask questions more than once. He always found a way to explain the task to me so I could wrap my head around it. Melanie was great very encouraging and knowledgable she was like the carry mom making sure your ok . Larissa was great in telling exactly what your doing wrong so you get it the next time also encouraging . Over all great team of instructors they all keep on you till you get it right. So thanks 1st gear great experience looking forward to my road rides.I will highly recommend 1 st Gear to anyone interested in riding .
-Charlene via Facebook on June 15th, 2015

My first ever vehicle was my motorcycle and 1st gear has without doubt taught me how to ride safely and confidently. Each and every instructor was more like a friend than anything and has made the learning experience really enjoyable. I’ve made numerous friends through the course and will definitely stay connected with the instructors and friends I have made here for many years to come!
-Kimmy via Facebook on June 11th, 2015

1st Gear gave me the professional training to be a safe rider. It was such a great experience and the team made it so much fun!
-Nadia via Facebook on May 25th, 2015

Had such an amazing weekend. I’m left feeling so excited, but more importantly a lot more prepared to hit the roads. Thanks to Lee and everyone else at 1st gear for helping make something I’ve wanted to do for SOO long such a great and fun experience to learn!
-Jenna via Facebook on May 24th, 2015

I had a fantastic weekend learning how to ride a motorcycle with First Gear and would recommend them to anyone wanting to learn how to ride. They encourage you to ride every type of bike they have, and I personally fell in love with their Honda Grom, a sporty 125CC! The instructors are amazing and will do everything they can to get you riding safely while having fun at the same time. I didn’t pass the MSA at the end, but my disappointment was mitigated because they invited me back next weekend to test again, free of charge. I look forward to (hopefully) passing the MSA next weekend and joining them on the road rides in a couple of weeks!
UPDATE: I passed the MSA, stoked for the road rides!
-Martin via Facebook on May 11th, 2015

I’m so glad I decided to take the course from 1st Gear. They have very knowledgeable and personable instructors, it makes it all the worthwhile. I am still amazed at how great the course was! These are definitely skills I would not have been able to pick up quickly on my own. I also recommend the practice road test… some valuable pointers given to help pass the test on the first try! Thanks again, Lee and Lionel! Vroom vroom!
-Vicki via Facebook on May 1st, 2015

I came to 1st Gear Motorcycle Training after my knowledge test and I was very impressed by their professionalism. The instructors Lee and Raymond were able to notice my mistakes and provide me with corrections very quickly. They’re very detailed oriented and always prioritize safety. I really appreciate their prompt follow up afterwards making sure everything is done properly. I felt much less stressed and worried after taking their training course. I highly recommend One Gear Training for new riders! Awesome A+
-Timothy via Facebook on April 24th, 2015

had a great time. the rain kicked us pretty hard but the guys at 1st gear kept our spirits up and we ended up all passing our MSA. thanks!
-Jim via Facebook on March 30th, 2015

Lots of fun with these guys and good learning too. One little weekend took me from hoping on my very first motorcycle to actually be able to handle my way around and feel safe doing so. Two days later I purchased my first one, rode in busy traffic from downtown Vancouver to Richmond, no stress, all safety.
-Nicolas via Facebook on March 24th, 2015

Great guys, lots of bikes to try. If you don’t know what style of riding you like. This is the place to try all different models and learn some very important skills.
-Aaron via Facebook on March 19th, 2015

I really recommend 1st Gear for anyone who wants to be a rider. You will not be just a professional rider, you will meet an awesome and friendly people Lional, Lee and Ray. Thank you so much guys for everything.
-Hattan via Facebook on March 16th

Thanks to the top notch teaching of Lee, Lionel and Larissa and the crazy selection of gear and motorcycles, I had an amazing experience with 1st Gear Motorcycle Training School. My confidence level and attention to safety have really skyrocketed. I highly recommend them!
-Gavy via Facebook on March 4th, 2015

Excellent class! Thought the classroom portion would have been dreadful but it was entertaining and went by really quickly. The riding was a lot of fun and I feel like I picked up a lot of skills I wouldn’t have without the course.

Also, the instructors were extremely helpful and patient with us. They were also accommodating and even added extra instructors because I had a couple of extra friends who wanted to take it together but the class was full.
—Dayton via Facebook on Feb 27th, 2015


In October I won a Harley Street Bob from Trev Deeley HD and TSN1040 Radio. It was crazy but I didn’t have my Class 6 motorcycle license and it is a requirement to get the bike. It was a late Sunday night when I got home and I started calling Motorcycle Schools. Lee answered his phone and took time to talk to me even though it was late and I was able to sign up on their website for one of the last classes of the year. Lee and Lionel are super supportive and after the course they went out of their way to make a rental bike available so I could practice for my road test. I took the ICBC test today (Jan 21) and passed!! I could not have done it without the guys at 1st Gear, and now I can claim my prize. Anyone want to ride this spring.. I’m in!
—- Troy (via our Google+ Page) in January 2015

Highly recommend training with these guys. I was a bit hesitant on whether or not I wanted to even do a training course since I figured I could do fine just learning on my own. I do not regret taking the course at all, Lee an Lionel do a great job keeping you on your toes and making sure you are developing the proper habits that are appropriate to your skill level. Even as a group class they spent the time to get to know every student and give them personalized tips and suggestions that all lead to acing the MSA. This was hands down the quickest way for me to get my MSA and I feel I am a far better rider from it.
Raymond (via our Google+ Page) in March 2015


I signed up for a group lesson for my week off from work, thinking it wouldn’t take too long (having had friends learn over the years). I survived the Saturday lot ride (barely) and gave up less than an hour into the riding on Sunday. I was definitely struggling. Lionel and Lee never gave up on me. Lee pulled me aside a few times on Sunday to help me through my fears…but unfortunately I could not continue, I was just overwhelmed. They were very encouraging and believed I could overcome my fears and learn to ride. I left the Sunday group ride reluctant to go back and believing I would not pass the MSA (let alone get my class 6). However, Lee was amazing. He said, “we will not leave you behind.” He set up a session with me a few days later and helped me through it all. I was a lot more confident on the bike. AND with me back at work and unable to join the class again, he arranged ANOTHER session with me to accommodate my schedule. That session helped me catch up on the things I missed on Sunday and I even passed the MSA that day! Definitely, not road ready…Yet! But I have the confidence to continue practicing. These guys are the best! I definitely recommend anyone who is wanting to learn and apprehensive, to learn with 1st gear. You won’t regret it. I definitely didn’t!
—- Valerie (via our Google+ Page) in March 2015


Lots of fun with these guys and good learning too. One little weekend took me from hoping on my very first motorcycle to actually be able to handle my way around and feel safe doing so. Two days later I purchased my first one, rode in busy traffic from downtown Vancouver to Richmond, no stress, all safety.
—- Nicolas (via our Facebook Page) in March 2015

The school provided a steep learning curve in a very fun and encouraging learning environment. I loved the atmosphere out on the large learning lot, where all students quickly got to know each other. It was a very pleasant atmosphere in which everyone seemed to have lots of fun with no bad vibes. The instructors are all truly passionate about bikes and are also ICBC licensed – so you can take your MSA test (to get an N) with them and not with a stranger. They all know their stuff and do their best to give supportive advice that is really helpful to learn quickly. After two days of training, everyone passed their MSA on the first attempt. Also included in the course package are two days of road trips once you got your N, which you can take at any time until you take the final road test – really awesome. 1st Gear is located near the IKEA in Richmond and easily to be reached by public transit and car. Of course I cannot truly compare to other motorcycle schools in BC as I’ve only been to this one, but the ambiance and effectiveness of learning easily outscored all the car driving schools I’ve attended (2), so I think it really is that good! Keep it up!
—- Julian (via our Google+ Page) in February 2015

Beginners looking to prepare for riding and for the second stage of ICBC testing would do well to sign up for this course soon after receiving their learners permit. Novice riders who are simply hesitating to take the test and need a push to get over the anxiety should also use 1st Gear’s course to get it done. Even the experienced novice will learn a lot from 1st Gear, anyone would. Skill instruction starts from how to approach and handle the bike, to getting the bike started, all the way to emergency braking while cornering. The instruction style is relaxed but intense, demanding but gradual. Skills are taught and practiced in a step-wise fashion culminating achieving a much safer and more skilled rider. The style also lends itself to “teach to the test” i.e. the skills gained match the MSA test components (they go far beyond it, in fact), and the instructors get you to the point where the testing, though still a challenge, is entirely achievable. Lessons learned in addition to hands-on riding skills included everything from basic maintenance, insurance basics, buying a new/used bike, gear, safety, trip planning, and safe practice theory. I had a great time and learned a lot. A million left foot taps to the folks at 1st Gear.
Bill (via our Google+ Page) in February 2015

I took the course in early October and really enjoyed it. They have a huge lot for training and with three different (and awesome) training instructions its hard to not learn a lot from them all. At first I was a bit nervous but I had Ray take me aside and walk through everything in a way that made me understand. By the end of it my confidence level was much higher than I expected. I would really recommend this course to any one that is looking for a school. These guys know what they are doing and they have pride and passion in this course that makes it enjoyable. They also make it a mission to make sure you pass and feel confident on a motorcycle. Thank you 1st Gear!
Kandyce (via our Google+ Page) in December 2014

Sara the Biker

I took my motorcycle course last week and was blown away by how much I loved it!!! I can not say enough good things about the guys that run it. The professionalism, knowledge, and ability of the instructors was outstanding! Not to mention the fact that they made sure that every drill and skill we learned was being taught in a respectful, safe, and insanely fun way. I would recommend this school to anyone and everyone…and I have been! Thank you Lee, Lionel, and Marcel. You guys are amazing!
-Sara via our Facebook page on July 6th, 2014



I had never been on a motorcycle before so I could not even consider myself a novice rider. The staff got me excited about riding within a short time because they instilled confidence in me that not only could I GET my licence but that I could be a smart and safe rider as well.

I was not as confident as the staff was about my potential riding abilities but their approach was so casual and assertive that I had no doubt that I would learn to ride. I have had to attend a lot of training throughout my life for various careers and these guys do it very well. The theory portion of the course is complimented with real life experiences and analogies that make what is taught more realistic and tangible. Clearly they have been there, done that. The practical portion is explained and then demonstrated so that expectations are clearly defined and readily understood. They are with you and encouraging you the whole time. No one is left behind. The course proceeds at the pace of the slowest student and we were encourage to take advantage of any extra practice time we might require. They genuinely want you to learn to ride confidently and safely. I completed my Learn to Ride training on September 9, 2014 with an evening road trip to White Rock.

I like to do things right so I will be taking the remainder of the courses offered at 1st Gear because they are all tailored for the new rider. I just took my new Heist on a cruise into Steveston and it was amazing! Thank you Lee, Lionel and Marcel, you are true professionals.

Brett Mortensen – Richmond, BC via email on Sept 11th, 2014

IMG_2241 (Medium)

Just finished the IRT course with Lee. Well worth the time and sore thighs I am still feeling. But feel much more comfortable on my bike, new skills to practice and better ability to control myself in turns and getting on and off highways. All very useful. I highly recommend taking this if you are on a new bike that you are getting used to , or just want to better your skills in cornering or are thinking of doing a track day in the future. ————————————————————————————- Great program and the gentlemen running it are fun and god to work with. Take it from me they are fair and impartial, as I failed my attempt and am going back, but the fault is entirely my own and nothing at their end. They are professional and wanting to help you out and teach you what you need to know. I recommend them highly for anyone needing to get their Motorcycle Safety certificate or who wants to learn to ride safely. Went back the next week and passed my test, then did the road rides, which I can not recommend enough. Good to go on streets and get basics with instructors who are watching out for you.
-J via our Google Business page


Just finished the lot portion of the training today and have to say that the whole course was great. Two evenings of classroom instruction just builds your anticipation for the two days of riding on the weekend. Lots of useful tips during the classroom sessions, beyond the standard curriculum. Lee really knows his stuff and has the riding experience to back it up. Lionel and Marcel helped with the riding portion on the weekend and everyone got the attention they needed with nothing rushed. The approach was tailored to the skill level of the participants so no one was in over their head, and all were challenged. It was the hottest weather so far this summer so the many hydration breaks were much appreciated. Thanks guys!
-Dave via our Facebook page on July 14th, 2014


That was the most fun I’ve had all life! To take up a new skill requires focus and dedication and these guys at 1st Gear make it easy to do that. As each day passed in their company I felt myself relax more and more into their experienced good hands, with the clear realization that the ONLY thing that stops anyone from achieving anything is lack of trust, first in yourself and then projected onto others. 1st Gear are professionals who are warm & friendly, passionate about safe riding, and above all dedicated to making your training carry you through into a lifetime of motorcycle skills that most likely will not only keep you alive, but keep every other road user around you, alive too. THAT’S A SCHOOL WORTH ATTENDING , no matter what your current skill level. If you have even a slither of doubt about your riding, whether student or long term biker, take yourself to this place of true learning and you will have increased your odds of an accident free life immensely.Thank you guys; I feel like I’ve just been immersed into a whole new family on the road. C U out there with a smile.
-Zanna via our website


Great school and awesome instructors. Couldn’t have been a better experience !
-Mustafa via our Facebook page on June 22, 2014

Looking for a fun and safe place to learn to ride!!!? 1st Gear is the place to go!!!! Lionel and Lee are very accomodating, they understand and help you. They make learning safe and fun! They include u in the family and doesn’t leave u hanging!! You will learn a lot from these guys and their curiculum. You will believe what they say because they have the credentials to back them up but you will try to do gour best because of the attitude they bring to the table!!! Im glad i went to you guys!!! Looking forward to the group ride 🙂
-Kai via our Facebook page on May 25th, 2014

If you are serious about learning to ride a bike, these guys will make it happen. Great group of instructors with loads of experience who stress there are no dumb questions. I strongly recommend this school.
– Ian via our Facebook page on May 2nd, 2014

Just finished my MSA today and definitely have to say I learned A LOT. Lionel and Raymond are great instructors! They have the experience and knowledge; and it was great to learn from them. Still have 2 days of the road ride left and am super stoked! If you are thinking about riding 1st Gear is where you want to go!
– Hamza via our Facebook page on April 27th, 2014

I got this course as a perfect birthday gift and couldn’t be happier I went through it. Lee, Raymond and Lionel have been such great instructors with so much experience that I didn’t have a worry with any of the course training nor the road rides. Best time ever!

Now all I got to do is pass my exam!!!

Thank you 1st Gear!!!
– Alan via our Facebook page on June 9, 2014

I had an AWESOME time during the course !! Instructors are very patient, informative and FUN !! Check it out!
– Wilberto via our Facebook page on April 29th, 2014

Very professional, very thorough, and above all great people! Thanks for all the fun 🙂
-Javid via our Facebook page on May 26th, 2014

1st Gear motorcycle training school is the place to go if you want to experience a fun, exhilarating, safety & common sense oriented approach to learning to ride motorcycles. Lee & Lionel are incredibly experienced teachers who really open your eyes to all aspects of riding bikes. They make the class fun and engaging, while ensuring that you receive the technical knowledge you need to be a safe rider. I went to 1st gear based on a friends recommendation that 1st Gear is the best motor cycle training school out there, I am completely convinced this is a FACT ! I can’t wait to get out on the road and ride my new bike, I couldn’t recommend them highly enough, these guys are the best !
-Eeshan via our Facebook page on August 16th, 2014

Just finished getting my class 6!
I credit a large part of it to doing the practice test through 1st gear before the real thing. Going through the test environment and being scrutinized on every move is the most helpful thing I can think of before preparing for the test. It boosted my confidence and fav me the ability to focus on my weaknesses which could have led to a fail.  Thanks again fellas! Time to hit the highway!!
-Roman via our Yelp page on July 28th, 2014

I just finished taking the course last week. Absolutely loved it! The two night of class were made as bearable as possible. Lee did a great job of keeping it interactive so everyone felt involved. Not only did we learn, but the time also flew by. The two days in the parking lot were great as well. Raymond taught us all the basics of the bike and then we worked on our skills. Lee and Raymond were very succinct in their instructions and drilled us until we got each exercise right. By the time I took the skills test at the end of the fourth day, there was nothing to it. Everyone who took the test passed because they were taught the right way to operate and maneuver. The last two night were spent riding around the city with Marcel and Lionel. They were easy to get along with and didn’t beat around the bush with things we were missing -turn your head all the way around on your shoulder check and cancel that indicator!
It is imperative to take a motorcycle course before getting your licence. I do believe I will have a much safer time riding thanks to this course. I’m thinking of doing their advanced course next. Thanks fellas!
-Roman via our Yelp page on July 28th, 2014

1st Gear’s facilities and instructors are amazing!  (And amazingly close to downtown Vancouver, which was very convenient)

My girlfriend recently booked for a day of in lot rider training as a refresher before taking the MSA and I joined the group as well (any chance to ride is something I’ll never pass up!).  The instructors were very friendly and it became quite obvious that they know how to contribute the right information to a developing rider at the right times.  Within a couple of hours I could see a huge improvement in my girlfriends comfort level on the motorcycle and this positively impacted her enjoyment on the bike as well as the smoothness of her riding.  They also encouraged her to try a couple of different bikes which helped her understand the nuances that the bike can bring to the table and seemed to help her focus more on the skills important to riding and separate the idiosyncrasies of each bike from the equation.

In short, the few hours spent with 1st Gear clearly helped improve her riding as she left the lot with a much better feel for riding motorcycles in general and went on to pass her MSA the next day with no problems.  Money well spent and we would both highly recommend 1st Gear to any aspiring rider in the Lower Mainland.

Thank you!
-Andrew via our Yelp page on June 3rd, 2014

I took the course last week and it was awesome!

For $700 you get:

2 evening in-class sessions
2 full days (9am-3pm) of parking lot riding sessions and
2 evening rides

The in-class sessions were fun and informative. The two full days of riding were great, as we learned a ton of skills, each one building on top of the last one. From clutch and throttle control at low speeds to looking through turns and emergency braking procedures, their curriculum covered it all. They have a bunch of different styles of bike for you to learn on and yes for the record I totally did go down on a bike once, but better their bikes than your own right?!

At the end of the second day of parking lot riding, we took the MST test which basically graduates you from a motorcycle L to a motorcycle N, removing the restrictions of requiring an instructor to ride along with you at all times and allowing you to ride by yourself from dawn til dusk.

The evening rides really blew me away. Not only did we get to cruise all over town to some fantastic spots but they included many teachable moments for application of our skills in the real world. Things like starting and stopping on hills, rider formation, and safe lane position and signalling all came up during our rides.

I really can’t say enough about the value in this course. Oh and the instructors are really great too. They always have something useful for you to try and they can instantly recognize and point out when you’re doing something wrong like assuming too rigid a posture or not giving the bike enough throttle.

I left feeling confident that I would be able to pass my upcoming road test and more importantly survive the worst that Vancouver’s terrible drivers can throw at me. If you’re going to get a bike, take this course. It’ll teach you to build the reflexes that will save your life in a tight spot.
-Kiel via our Yelp page on May 20th, 2014

I just finish the course and I’m really happy about it. The instructors are really good. I got really good knowledge about riding motorcycles and even being a (car) driver for over 15 years I learned a lot of things from those guys. I could also try different types of motorcycles that helped to decide what kind if bike to buy. 
Lee is a very nice guy. He seems to be more than happy to help with advices on what kind of gear I should get and lots of other details about the motorcycle universe.
-Felipe via our Yelp page on August 12th, 2014

I’ve been commuting to work on a 50cc scooter for almost 2 years, so I have a LOT of (bad) traffic experience.  Vancouver’s reputation for bad drivers is true.

2 days of classroom instruction from Lee was very informative.  I knew most of it but I did learn some new things.  The class was never boring and Lee was excellent in answering questions.

2 days of instruction on the HUGE parking lot was great.  There was a variety of bikes to choose from.  They were all small displacement (125cc -225cc) ranging from ‘sport’, ‘dual-sport’ and ‘cruiser’.  Both Raymond and Lee gave excellent instruction on how to handle the bikes at VERY slow speed.  They even gave some ‘advanced’ tips on turning, braking and down-shifting.  All but one person passed the MSA at the end.  Due to the MASSIVE parking lot that they trained us on, we even had a cone-course set up so that we could practice on a track after the MSA’s were done.

2 days of road rides in Richmond and Vancouver (west) let us test out what we learned.  Both Lionel and Marcel helped instruct us on what to watch out for, for the motorcycle road test: hill starts, shoulder-checking, school zones, rail road tracks, etc.  They picked some great routes and really showed me how much fun riding around this city can be.

In Summary:

– Awesome instruction from very obviously experienced, safe riders that know how to have fun.
– Passed the MST with ease
– Gained not only knowledge but CONFIDENCE
– Recommend to EVERYONE.  Take the course, you will learn something and make you realize that you have bad habits as well.

I now have a brand new Honda CBR500RA.  I’ve only had it for a few days but I am riding it with more confidence than I did with my 50cc scooter.  Now on to the road test.  Wish me luck.
-Alex via our Yelp page on May 28th, 2014

I finished my school about 45 days ago, went for Practice Road Test  before my ICBC road test ( it was very helpful!),   pass the road test in first attempt  ..yeeeee , found &  bought my very first bike from their Facebook link, Thank you!  going for Intermediate Ride Training next Saturday  … so excited!    Go 1st Gear GO
-Kaveh via our Yelp page on August 6th, 2014

Just got back from passing my road test this afternoon ! (First attempt)

Have to thank the guys at 1st Gear for their amazing course. Would not have sailed thru my road test if it wasn’t for what I learned at 1st Gear. My examiner in Victoria has had several students from 1st Gear and she told me they produce good riders. Well, I guess I have to agree with that. 🙂 

If you are serious about taking a motorcycle course definitely check these guys out. You wont be disappointed. 
-Glenn via our Yelp page on July 15th, 2014

I thought riding a bike would be challenging but 1st gear made it a breeze!  Their fun yet informative course helped me reach my goals and more.   I ride confidently and thank 1st gear for the skill they provided me.  Ask for Lee, He’s the man!
-Mark via our Yelp page on June 25th, 2014

Recently upgraded my license after completing 1st Gear training. I also did a practice road test and then rented a bike for my road test. The course had lots of great practical tips and plenty of time on the bike (don’t miss out on the group rides or you’re a fool). Everyone was very helpful. I would recommend 1st Gear to anyone. by the way, it’s no joke about exaggerating shoulder checks when ICBC is following in a minivan… I thought I was a bit overboard but still lost marks on my road test.
-Jon via our Google Business page on July 2nd, 2014

I had an absolute blast learning to ride with these guys! I’ve always wanted to learn and finally got the balls to do it and I’m SO glad I did! The team at 1st Gear made it safe and fun and really prepares you for the road and a safe riding experience. I think every rider or person who wants to know how to ride should do this course 🙂
-Aliyah via our Google Business page on July 2nd, 2014

Very knowledgeable and easygoing instructors. Great experience!
-Ricardo via our Google Business page on May 19th, 2014

I took a motorcycle course years ago but I needed a refresher before I got back on the road. I called a few schools and these fellows were the ones I was directed to for a refresher course. I joined the current class for the second parking lot day and one of the road rides. Everyone was very welcoming, the instructors quickly merged me into the group and I was able to try multiple bikes with different riding styles while brushing up on some basics such as slow speed maneuvers and emergency stops. In these two sessions I learned many things that I didn’t learn in my first course some of the notable ones were emergency stops in a corner as well as the reasons behind the need for some of the protective gear that many people believe they can skip. After these classes I feel much more confident on the road and I hope to sign up for another road ride or two so I can continue to learn and to keep the bad habits away. Thank you,
-Renée via our website on July 18th, 2014

Thanks a bunch for the great training program, every aspect was valuable, interesting and fun. You both did a great job of teaching and most importantly building my confidence. I successfully passed my road test today in Victoria(another nice ride)and I’m currently working on finishing up details for the trip.
-Brad via our website on August 7th, 2014

Passed my road test today! Another 1st Gear student, Anthony went before me and he also passed, we had the same examiner (Ron from Richmond ICBC) He told me he usually finds 1st Gear students to be pretty problem free and easy to pass. I did the mock road test last week with Lionel which was very helpful as well, I knew exactly what to expect. Thanks 1st Gear for all the solid training!
-Victoria via our website on August 13th, 2014

My experience with 1st gear was not only educating but also fun. They’re very friendly seasoned riders with much knowledge to share, who know everything one needs to know about riding. During my lessons, instructions, tips and correct performance was clear and simple. They instantly knew areas where one needed to improve on and the quickest way resolve that problem. It would’ve taken me a long time to figure out what to do on my own. This was the right choice for me.
-Jay via our website on August 16th, 2014