The cost of a motorcycle course is no small amount of money. It’ll hurt when you commit but it is a short term pain for a long term gain. You’ve committed to us so we commit to you. Here’s how.

We’ll teach you the things that save your life. Your life is priceless so the skills and techniques you’ll learn will save you from potential falls and damage to your motorcycle. All motorcycle riders fall at some point, let’s avoid those situations as much as possible.

If you drop our motorcycles, it is ok. Better our motorcycles than your own motorcycle. Our motorcycles can take the fall, if necessary we’ll fix them. Dropping your motorcycle can be expensive as a simple fall can cost a few hundred dollars. If you ride something nice like a Ducati, the fall can exceed $1,000.

We’ll teach you about motorcycle gear and the right types to buy. In addition to that we’ll give a $25 gift card to Pacific Motorsports plus an additional 10% to 20% off. We do work with other motorcycle dealers and shops to get you 10% to 20% off. You’ll get this with our 1st Gear student completion card.

Buying a motorcycle (new or used) is a big deal. You have to spend thousands which like this course, is a little uncomfortable at first. If you are buying used we’ll show you what to look for. We’ll also give you names of people to help you inspect the bike. They will even negotiate a price for you.

Insuring your motorcycle can be more expensive than your car. We’ll show you how to insure it and what insurers to use. You do not have to get everything through ICBC.

Getting a motorcycle loan is easy to do if you don’t have the cash required. There are good motorcycle loans and bad ones. There are some simple guidelines to follow to ensure that your loan costs you minimal interest and can be paid down quickly. You do not want to sell your motorcycle and owe more on the loan than the motorcycle is worth.

Motorcycles require maintenance. We’ll go through some basics plus make sure you know how to take care of a motorcycle chain before you go. Taking care of your motorcycle chain can save you thousands over the life of your motorcycle.

What we discussed here well exceeds the cost of a motorcycle course. You of course learn all this on your own but you’ll learn it the fastest and it will all be done in the shortest amount of time. Time is not something we have a lot of. I am sure you’d rather spend it riding your new motorcycle. A motorcycle course is an investment in yourself. You are teaching yourself a new skill. A skill you’ll never forget. Once you learn how to ride, you’ll always know how to ride.