1st Gear Motorcycle Training Ltd.

ICBC motorcycle learners license required for all courses

 We are a conveniently located motorcycle school serving Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, Delta, and New Westminster.

You will experience an extensive, hands-on motorcycle training course. Our training curriculum has been in use for over 15 years. It has also evolved over the years to accommodate recent technology and techniques.

Your experience will be just like those of our past students. See what they have written about us on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

We are licensed and registered with ICBC  

Our training facility and instructors are certified by ICBC. Since we are recognized by ICBC we are qualified to test you for your Motorcycle Skills Assessment. It is also referred to as the MSA, MST, and Parking lot test.

Our classes offer a combination of classroom, practical training, and real world training. This will be your foundation to get out on the road. We want nothing more than see you experience the fun and excitement of riding motorcycles.

We make it easy for you to learn. We offer an engaged and animated classroom environment. You’ll be able to ride five different types of motorcycles. A Sportbike, Dual Sport, Cruiser, Standard, and Mini. Find out what type of motorcycle feels right for you. You’ll be surprised!

We also provide the helmets, gloves, jackets and rain gear for your safety.

Our enthusiasm and love for motorcycle riding will shine through. We will teach you the techniques for navigating and dominating the road on a motorcycle. Safety is our number one priority. These skills will take you a long way in your local and long distance rides. Don’t put off learning to ride anymore. Now is the time!

You must have a Motorcycle Learners License to attend our course. For all requirements & details on our classes click here 

Students per instructor in group classes

Hours of training you will receive

Different styles of motorcycles for you to ride


Passing Rate

Weekend Class

Our most popular class. Get your unrestricted motorcycle license is shortest amount of time while keeping your weekend evenings free.

Thursday 645pm-1030pm
Saturday 900am-430pm
Sunday 900am-430pm

$749 + 5% GST

Weekend Class Dates & Times

Evening Class

Work all day, ride in the evening. Keeps the weekend free!

Thursday 645pm-1030pm
Friday 645pm to 1015pm
Monday 600pm to 1015pm
Tuesday 600pm to 1015pm
Wednesday 600pm to 900pm

$749 + 5% GST

Evening Classes Dates & Times

Daytime Classes

We run customized daytime classes for those with challenging schedules. These could be private lessons, semi-private, or even group classes depending on the size. Just let us know what works for you and we will do our best to make it happen. Pricing varies.

Contact us here to let us know your availability

Our group classes are run every week and consist of 7-8 hours of classroom theory, 10-11 hours in our training lot, and three road rides lasting 3 hours. The total amount of training is 24 hours over 5 days. Motorcycle, helmets, jackets, and gloves provided.

The classroom theory covers a variety of topics. The course fundamentals are common sense, safety, and the essential need to know information. We understand that classrooms can be challenging environments to stay focused so we’ll break often, play some games, and keep the classroom involvement high.

The Training Lot is where we will introduce you to your first motorcycles. You’ll get an assortment of motorcycles to choose from. Part of the fun will be seeing which type of motorcycle you like the best. We’ll then teach you the basic skills to ride safely on the open roads. We’ll also teach and explain emergency maneuvers to keep you safe. You never know what the world will throw at you.

The road rides will be where you apply everything you learned. While they are optional, they are highly recommended. We’ll take you out on the streets and slowly introduce you to the rural roads, city roads, and highways. We’ll start out on quiet roads, then up to busier roads, and then the highway. We stay as a group so no one gets left behind. Safety in numbers! There will be a break in between at a local coffee shop or any other place that works for our motorcycle gang.

For full details click here

For simple & easy course registration call 778-714-GEAR (4327)

For Online Registration Click Here

Take your skills to the next level!

Refresher Course

If you already have a full class 6 license and have not ridden a motorcycle in awhile. We will help you reawaken your riding skills. It won’t take long.

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Mechanics & Maintenance

Learn how to maintain and wrench on your motorcycle. This is a hands on or verbal course.

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If you have an unrestricted learners license or a class 6 license we will teach you more advanced cornering techniques. This is great for all motorcycles, especially sportbikes.

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Adventure Riding

If your ambitions are to ride along dirt roads and the path less traveled. Steve and Kevin will teach you. There are two levels to this course; introductory and intermediate.

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Our latest reviews and testimonials…

I recently decided to learn to ride a motorcycle and after emailing a bunch of schools, I chose 1st Gear because of their prompt and detailed response. I was not disappointed! I took up private lessons with Lee who proved to be a very knowledgeable and experienced instructor. Within 2 days Lee had me riding and I passed my Motorcycle Skills Test. 1st Gear not only did a great job in teaching me how to ride a motorcycle but the classes were full of emphasis on motorcycle safety. As well as teaching me to ride a motorcycle, Lee also came with me to purchase my motorcycle and all the gear I needed. Lee brought back the motorcycle in his van and made sure I was comfortable riding it before I went on my way. I definitely chose the right place to learn and I could not recommend Lee and his motorcycle school enough
-Nick G via Google on March 2nd 2016

I took the “Learn to Ride” course last weekend with 1st Gear Moto School and it was simply excellent. The instructors have years of experience and they cover all aspects that one requires to ride safely. they have all styles of motorcycles to use in the training sessions. Very organized and structured course. I strongly recommend. Thank you
-GSBGrillo via Google on Feb 29th, 2016

1st Gear’s MSA course was very useful and it allowed me to get quickly on motorcycle and get the basic skills and confidence. Moreover, I really enjoyed the weekend thanks to the friendly instructors and well structured practical part on the parking lot. Kudos to Lee who managed to make the classroom part (that could have been easily just tedious) informative and fun.
-Miroslav B via Google on Feb 25th, 2016

Came in knowing absolutely nothing about bikes. 3 Days later I’ve not only learned how to ride but also passed my MSA! The staff were amazing. They constantly give you tips on how to improve. They are very approachable and very encouraging. I had the unfortunate luck of dropping my bike twice but each time they were very supportive. Bikes all ran well without issue, gear wasn’t smelly and old. They’re very knowledgeable when it comes to bikes, MSA tests, safety, etc… Of course you can’t miss out on Lionel’s dark humor! Definitely recommend these guys for all your learning needs. I will most definitely be back to learn more from them in the future! Thank again 1st Gear staff!!
-Andrea via Google on Feb 22nd, 2016

Hey Lee! I just wanted to say thanks for the great instruction this weekend. I didn’t really know what to expect going into it, but definitely learned a ton and had alllll the fun! I was seriously impressed that you had every one, even the very beginners, riding confidently by the end. For me, it was exactly what I needed to refresh my memory and feel safe trying out things I’d never done before, and of course pass the MSA. I’ve already recommended you to my friends on facebook, see you guys soon for the road rides!
-Krystle via Google on Feb 22nd, 2016

Read all our reviews and testimonials

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