Advanced Rider Training

One of the biggest keys to riding a motorcycle safely is ongoing, advanced rider training. It is possible to ride a motorcycle safely without any advanced rider training. Will you be prepared in that critical moment? Knowing what to do in the moment comes from repetition and training. The events and courses listed below are all great options to increase your skill level. Costs vary so do what works for your budget. Also keep in mind a crash can far exceed the costs of Advanced Rider Training. It is an investment in keeping you safe.

There are also great books on Advanced Rider Training. Check out Total Control by Lee Parks, Mastering the Ride by David Hough, and a quick google search will lead you to many other excellent books.

“We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” ― Archilochos

1st Gear Advanced Riding Challenge

Looking for the skills to bring you to the next level or do you want to show us how good you are? This course is also great for riders who have had a hiatus of riding a motorcycle and want to increase their skills.

We’ve put together a training course so you can confidently navigate your motorcycle through tight situations with ease. We’ll focus on maneuvers like tight turns at slow speeds, rear end accident avoidance, higher speed slalom, emergency stopping from 50kmh+, and at the end we’ll put it all together in a course which will be fun and challenging. In order to pass the course, you’ll have to complete it without knocking down any cones.

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Pitt Meadows Track Days

This event is run several times throughout the season. All motorcycle and skill levels welcome. This is the best place to go for after your initial rider training course, it is also great for the experienced rider. Everyone is divided up into groups according to their skill level. Safety Riders are onsite and ontrack to help you become a better rider. Lee is also a safety rider so you’ll see him here too. Pitt Meadows Track days is the place to go to lean your motorcycle over and learning what it is capable of. You don’t want to push the limits on the street. Push the limits here in a safe, controlled environment.


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Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club (WMRC)

Track Days: For 2018 we’re offering 6 days where you can take your bike to the track and work on improving your skills in a safe non-competitive environment.

Learn, Practice & Improve! On non-school days we offer Semi-private training from our experts. Want to improve? This is the best way to learn.

MAY 19 – JUNE 22 – JULY 3 – AUGUST 6 – AUGUST 10 – AUGUST 31

New Racer School: Faster, Safer, Smarter. Our popular school is back again for 2018. This school is designed to bring out the best in every rider. From those looking to get started with trackdays to those to who want to race you’re going to get the feedback on your riding that you’ve been wanting.

May 6th, 15th, 18th & July 22nd, August 1st & 6th

Not sure where you fit in? Come out and volunteer. We always need help and you will get the best seat in the house to watch the action!


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Popkum Motor Park

Here at Popkum Motor Park we strive to provide an exceptional off-road riding experience. Our still growing 100 acre facility allows us to provide tracks for all off-road disciplines, whether you’re motocrossing, trail riding, trials biking, ATVing or UTVing we will be the place to ride. We will further develop Popkum Motor Park until we become home to all off-road vehicles.

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Off-road Adventure Academy

The Academy is open to and ALL street legal type dual purpose motorcycles. We believe that riders need a minimum of 2 days of intensive repetitive skills training to gain that muscle memory. Repetition is the key to muscle memory that builds your confidence and makes you a safer and better rider on and off-road.This is a fact and after a weekend our students are amazed how much they have evolved in 48 hrs. Whether you’ve been riding for 2 days or 20 years, this is for you. You WILL become a safer and better rider, we guarantee it.

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Go Flat Track

Our mission is to create an opportunity for people to try a sport that they love. Flat Track Racing is one of the most traditional forms of racing rich in history. In Canada, it’s making a major comeback and growing rapidly in popularity. Hopefully GOFLATTRACK is part of the success story. We would also love to see the level of competition rise up in Canada.

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PRS Enduro Course

The Enduro Course is a certified BMW Motorrad Enduro Training program designed for the rider looking to gain new set of riding techniques that is particular to off-road riding. Our certified BMW course is instructed by Mark Kruger who has trained at the BMW facilities in Hechlingen, Germany.

As an owner of an enduro motorcycle, you understand the need to change the way you ride on the pavement versus the dirt.  Adventure motorcycles are large and for many road riders that can be intimidating in the tight confines of dirt roads. The BMW Motorrad curriculum will walk you through a logical sequential series of exercises that will give you all the necessary skills and confidence to take full advantage of what your motorcycle was design to do.

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American SuperCamp (USA)

You can read all about Lee’s experience right here.

American Supercamp teaches you the skill of precise motorcycle control in a challenging, safe and fun environment that will have you grinning from ear-to-ear! Whether you’re an absolute beginner, or a seasoned racer, your riding skills will reach a new level at Supercamp.

At American Supercamp, you will receive one-on-one instruction to help you learn advanced techniques for motorcycle control. We’ve created a unique curriculum that covers the essential aspects of riding that can be applied to every type of riding – motocross, flat tracking, street and even the race track.

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The Motofit Group (USA)

The Motofit Group is a motorcycle track day and rider training center based in the Northwest corner of the United States.   We host motorcycle training events at two of the most technically challenging road courses in the country. Our highly trained staff enables motorcycle riders of all rider levels to improve skill and rider ability. We use a dynamic classroom, track time, one on one coaching, and technology to ensure your success as a rider. No matter where your interest in the sport is focused, touring to commuting, track training to professional roadracing, our goal is the same, help you develop a plan to get you where you want to be on a motorcycle. Learn safety, develop skill, increase confidence and rider ability.

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Optimum Performance Rider Training (USA)

OPRT provides low cost, professional motorcycle rider instruction that focuses on giving riders the skills and techniques necessary to pilot today’s high performance motorcycles. Our high instructor to student ratio means you get the personalized training you need to advance to the next level of riding. We offer specialized classes for the new track rider that focus on the fundamentals of riding on the race track.

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California Superbike School (USA)

Keith Code founded the California Superbike School in 1980. The school has taught numerous championship winning riders such as Wayne Rainey. As of 2009, riders who have been trained either at his schools or by him personally have won 49 world and national racing championships. His teaching has been spread all over the world. His California Superbike Schools have operated at over 90 tracks worldwide in 15 countries and have trained 150,000 riders.